Cards organize distinct units of information and display dynamic content to Board viewers.

Cards are a highly configurable way of displaying information on Boards. There are several kinds of Cards, each containing different types of information:

  • Item List Cards: Display a list of Items that fit your selected filter criteria.
  • Chart Cards: Display any Chart. 
  • Report Cards: Display any of KaiNexus's Activity, Engagement, Impact, or Attribute Reports.
  • Freestyle Cards: Display any text or embedded links, files, gifs, images, or videos.
  • X-Matrix Cards: Display a custom X-Matrix that references Items, Boards, and people within KaiNexus. Your organization must have the X-Matrix module enabled to utilize these Cards.
  • Nested Board List Cards: Display all Boards nested under the current Board. Clicking the name of any of those Boards will open it. This Card can only be added on shared Boards that have other Boards nested beneath them. 
  • People List Cards: Display a list of users that meet a certain requirement
  • Widgets Cards: Provide easy access to specially configured critical features such as Create buttons and key metrics.
  • Activity Feed Cards: Display recent Item-based activity in a timeline.
  • Comment Cards: Provide a space for Board viewers to hold conversations, post announcements, and share acknowledgments. 

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