Cards organize distinct units of information and display dynamic content to Board viewers.

Cards are a highly configurable way of displaying information on Boards. There are several kinds of Cards, each containing different types of information:

  • Item List Cards: Display a list of Items that fit your selected filter criteria.
  • Chart Cards: Display any Chart. 
  • Report Cards: Display any of KaiNexus's Activity, Engagement, Impact, or Attribute Reports.
  • Freestyle Cards: Display any text or embedded links, files, gifs, images, or videos.
  • X-Matrix Cards: Display a custom X-Matrix that references Items, Boards, and people within KaiNexus. Your organization must have the X-Matrix module enabled to utilize these Cards.
  • Nested Board List Card: Display all Boards nested under the current Board. Clicking the name of any of those Boards will open it.
  • People List Cards: Display a list of users that meet a certain requirement
  • Widgets Cards: Provide easy access to specially configured critical features such as Create buttons and key metrics.
  • Activity Feed Cards: Display recent Item-based activity in a timeline.
  • Comment Cards: Spotlight conversations, announcements, and acknowledgments not attached to any particular Item.

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