Chart Card

Two Line OfieREQUIRED: The Chart Module is required to perform the functions on this support page. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to enable Charts for your organization. 

What is a Chart Card?

With a Chart Card, you can add an existing Chart to a Board or create a new one. You can also:

  • Get a quick view of a Chart as soon as you log in by adding the Chart directly to your Default Board. 
  • Customize your quick view by determining the location of the legend, hiding certain data series, or selecting visible date ranges independent of the Chart settings. 

Add a Chart Card to a Board

Who can add a Chart Card to a Board?

  • The Board Owner
  • The Board's Editor(s)
  • Any User with a System Role that grants them the Board Administrator permission if the Board is in a Network Location they can access

Add a Chart Card

Navigate to the Board you want to work with, then:

  • Select the + Add button in the top right corner of the Board.
  • Select Chart in the resulting drop-down menu.
  • In the Chart Card window, either:
    • Select the Create button to create a new Chart.
    • Search for an existing Chart in the Choose Existing field. 
  • Select the Add button to add the new Chart Card to the Board. Select Cancel (or the x icon at the top right of the Chart Card window) to close the Chart Card window and discard your changes.

Two Line OfieNOTE: Boards have a maximum Card limit of 16. Once a Board has 16 Cards, Users cannot add or copy additional Cards to that Board.

Edit a Chart Card


If you have Chart Card on a Board, you can work with Annotations directly from the Card itself without having to first expand the Chart.