People List Card

Add a People List Card to a Board to display a filtered List of Users.

What is a People List Card?

People List Cards display a List of Users that meet fit a certain requirement, such as newly awarded Badges. Unlike Item Lists, the only View option for User Lists is List View.

With a People List Card, you can:

  • Add a filtered List of Users to any of your Boards
  • Control which columns should be visible in the collapsed and expanded Card views  

Common uses of People List Cards include:

  • Displaying Badge Streaks
  • Displaying members of your team

Add a People List Card to a Board

NOTE: Only a Board's Editors and people with the "Global Board Administrator" can add a Card to a Board.

Open the Board you want to work with, then:

  • Select the Add button in the top right corner of the Board.
  • Select People List from the drop-down menu.
  • In the resulting People List Card window, name and apply any filters you need to for your People List Card.
  • Click the + plus icon in the top right corner of the Board.
  • In the resulting drop-down menu, click People List.
  • In the resulting window, enter the title of this Card in the “Filter Name” field.
  • Enter any filters you want to use as your search parameters.
  • Click Add.

Configure Card Columns

Unlike Item Lists, the only View option for User Lists is List View. However, you can customize which columns are displayed in the regular Card View, as well as in the Expanded Card View.

To edit the columns that appear in your People List Card:

  • Select the ellipses icon in the top right corner of your People List Card.
  • Select List within the ellipses menu.
  • In the resulting Edit Card View window, you can edit the Card View for how the Card appears normally on the Board, as well as for the expanded view.
    • The Card's settings are in the column on the left side of this screen, the Expanded View settings are on the right.
  • Add a column: Search for the column you want to add in the “Search for Columns” field. When you find the column you want to add, click its name. It will be added to the list of columns.
  • Remove a column: Hover over the name of the column you want to remove so that it’s highlighted blue, then click the x icon to its right.
  • Copy columns
  • Clear columns:
  • Change a column’s width: Add a minimum column width (in pixels) to a column by entering the desired value in the “Width” column to the right of the column’s name.
  • When you’re finished editing the Card’s View, select Save.

Export a People List Card

To export a People List Card:

  • Navigate to the Board and Card you wish to export. 
  • Select the ellipses in the top right corner of the Card.
  • Hover over Export in the Actions dropdown menu.
  • Select either Save as XLSX or Print/Save as PDF. 
    • Save as XLXS: In the resulting Save window, set your preferences for:
      • Include All Columns: Click the Include All Columns button to include the default system columns in your XLSX file.
      • Include Current Columns: Click the Include Current Columns buttons to include only the columns shown on the List that are part of the default system columns on your XLSX file. 
      • Select Print.
    • Print/Save as PDF: In the resulting Print window, set your preferences for:
      • Page Size: In the “Page Size” drop-down, choose the size of the page between Letter (8.5” x 11”), Legal (8.5” x 4”), A3 (11” x 17”), A4 (8.3” x 11.7”), or Custom (You can set your own length and width parameters in inches or millimeters).
      • Scale: In the “Scale” drop-down, choose how much you want to scale the size of the PDF. The lower the percentage, the more content you can fit on a single page.
      • Layout: Decide whether the PDF should be in “Portrait” or “Landscape” layout.
      • Include the following columns: Check or uncheck the boxes next to the column headers to include or exclude them within the PDF.
      • Select Print.