Print/Save PDF a Card

When working with a Card anywhere in KaiNexus you have the ability to PDF your Card.


Where can I Print/ Save PDF a Card from?

Cards can be found on Boards in KaiNexus. So as long as you are able to access the Board, then you should be able to Print/Save PDF any Card on that Board. 


How to Print / Save PDF a Card from a Board?

To Print/Save PDF a Card, navigate to the Boards section , select the Board that contains the Card you wish to export, then:

  • Click near the top right corner of the Card.

  • In the resulting drop-down menu, hover over the option.

  • In the resulting sub-menu, click the .

In the resulting window:

  • Choose the size of the page - Letter (8.5” x 11”), Legal (8.5” x 4”), A3 (11”x 17”), A4 (8.27” x 11.69”) or Custom.

  • Choose the scale percentage to determine how much of the item’s content will be displayed on the page when exporting. (Ex. Selecting 50% will double the amount of content you can fit)

  • Decide whether you want the PDF to be in “Portrait” or “Landscape” orientation by clicking the circle next to the relevant option.

  • When you’re ready, click .



Which Card Types can I Print / Save PDF?

The following Card Types can be exported to PDF from KaiNexus: