Types of Cards

Comment Cards

Make conversations visible by adding Comment Cards to Boards

While creating a Board, you are now able to add Comment Cards. Comment Cards are a great way to spotlight fun Comment threads, share acknowledgments, and hold conversations not attached to any particular Item. 

Be creative with Comment Cards! You can edit the title of the Card to say whatever you like. For example, you can title the Card “Office Updates” if you’d like to use a Comment Card to post important status updates on your office Board.

Comment Card Example

How to add a Comment Card to a Board

  • Only Board Editors can add Comment Cards
  • To add a Comment Card, select + Add on your Board, and select Comments. It’s that simple!
  • If you’d like to edit the title of your Card, click the ellipses in the top right corner and select Edit Header.
  • Remember that if you Copy a Comment Card, the Comments will not carry over to the new Card.

Ofie Profile PicPro-Tip: If you are a Board or Card Editor, try pinning a Comment to the top of the Card. This is a great way to ensure specific comments are seen by everyone who views your Board. 

Example Use Cases

  • Leaving updates on Huddle Boards
  • Recognizing teammates for their contributions
  • Team communication not concerning any Item in particular
  • Announcements 
  • Small issues or updates that don’t need a formal Item

Key Differences Between Comments on Items and Comment Cards 

Comment Cards share much of the same functionality as Comments in Items, but you should know a few key differences.

  • You cannot @mention another User in Comment Cards. 
  • Comment Cards do not support the use of images or tables.
  • There is no “Email Now” option when commenting on a Comment Card. 
  • If you are exporting a Board to a PDF, Comments will not appear.

Interacting with Comment Cards

How to leave a Comment

  • Anyone who can View the Board can leave a Comment. 

To add a Comment to a Card, simply click into the text box, write your Comment, and then click Post.

Posting Comment on a Comment Card

How to delete or edit a Comment

  • To delete or edit your own comment, hover over it:
     EditDelete Comment
    • Select Delete to remove your comment from the Comment Card. 
    • Select Edit to make changes to your comment.  
  • To delete or edit the comment of another user, you must have the Comment Administrator Permission and be a Board Editor

Ofie Profile PicOFIE Warning: When you delete Comment Cards, the Comments are permanently deleted. Be extra careful when deleting comment cards!

Pin a Comment

Pin a comment to the top of the Comment Card when you want it to be easily seen by Board viewers. 

  • To pin a comment, hover over it and select Pin
    Pin Comment on Comment Card
  • Pinned comments will appear at the top of the Comment Card with a grey pin icon beside it. 
    • To unpin a comment, hover over it and select unpin. The unpinned comment will return to its original location in the Comment Card thread. 
  • You can pin multiple comments at the same time. The order of pinned comments will respect the order the comments were posted, with the newest comment appearing at the top of the list.