X-Matrix Module

The X-Matrix Module

Transform your analog X-Matrices into a digital format in KaiNexus.

Many organizations conducting a formal Strategy Deployment process use X-Matrices to develop and implement tactical and strategic plans, coordinated across people throughout the organization.

Those X-Matrices can be added as a Card to any of your Boards to make the matrix interactive and centralized.

Two Line OfieReach out to your Customer Success Manager to take advantage of the X-Matrix module.

What is included in this module?

X-Matrix Cards

With X-Matrix Cards, you can add X-Matrices to any Board. Your X-Matrix can reference any Items, Boards, or people in the system. 

These Cards are interactive, allowing you to update the correlation between the matrix's rows or open any of the referenced work with a single click.

  • Hovering over a row in an X-Matrix will now highlight correlated rows in all four quadrants, helping you visualize associations across the entire X-Matrix.
  • When you hover over an Item in an X-Matrix, you will see an option to “View only correlated Items.” Selecting this option will filter the X-Matrix so only rows correlated to your selected Item appear. This filter will help you focus on key portions of a complex structure, making X-Matrices easier to digest.  

Two Line OfieFor more information on adding, editing, and working with X-Matrix Cards, check out this article.

The "X-Matrix Administrator" permission

The "X-Matrix Administrator" permission is typically only given to improvement specialists, specifically those involved with Strategy Deployment, and grants permission to create and edit X-Matrix Cards.

Two Line OfieFor information on adding this permission to a Role, check out this article.

For information on editing a user to grant them a Role, check out this article.

Correlation Attributes

A major value of the X-Matrix is being able to visualize the correlation, contribution, and accountability between the sections. In KaiNexus, you can configure your own correlations. This is done with Attributes.

You will work with your Customer Success Manager to create one or more Attributes that will be used for your X-Matrix Correlations.

Once this is set up, these Attributes' Values are maintained by Quality Administrators just like any other Attribute. It’s important that each of these Attributes is given an icon and a color, as that is what will be displayed on the X-Matrix.

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