Card Management

Add a Card

Learn how to add a new Card to a Board

Customizing your Boards with a variety of Cards enhances their visual effectiveness and functionality. Whether you are adding a Card to an existing Board or creating a new Board from scratch, this article will teach you how to add Cards. 

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: Boards can have up to 16 Cards. Once a Board has 16 Cards, you won't be able to add another Card. 

Who can add a Card?

The following Users can add a Card to a Board: 

  • The Board's Owner(s)
  • The Board's Editor(s)
  • Anyone with the "Board Administrator" permission for Boards in that Board's Location.

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: Users with the Card Administrator System Role Permission can only edit Cards, not add new ones. 

How to add a Card

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: When you add a Nested Board List Card or Comments Card, there is no additional new Card window. The Card will be automatically added to the Board. 

Are there any other ways to add a Card?

There are a few ways you can add a Card to a Board beside using the + Add button. You can:

  1. Add a Custom List as an Item List Card. Check out this article to learn how. 
  2. Add a People List as a People List Card. Check out this article to learn how. 
  3. Copy a Card from the same Board or a different Board. Check out this article to learn how. 

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