Intro to Add-On Modules

What are Add-On Modules?

What Add-On Modules does KaiNexus offer?

Advanced ROI

The Advanced ROI Module gives you more control over how the impact of your improvement methods is measured. Track cost reduction, production, savings schedules, and multi-currency usage.


The API Module provides the ability to download a list of KaiNexus records displayed on any Card into a .xlsx Excel file.


KaiNexus is full of areas throughout the platform where you can completely customize the visualization of your system, but with the Branding Module, you have the ability to add even more customization options for your KaiNexus instance.


The Calendar Module brings a different visualization of your improvement work. The Calendar View uses filters to generate a custom calendar showing the Items that are relevant in a day, week, or month-like view.


The Compliance Module allows organizations to enable single sign-on (SSO) for their Users, control which IP addresses are permitted to access the system, set unique password requirements, prevent file attachments, run audit logs, and remove sensitive information from emails. 

Custom Badges

Badges are emblems that can be customized to meet the exact needs of your organization. Whenever a person meets the requirements of a Badge, it will be added to their profile to show everyone just how awesome and engaged they are.


The Escalation Module allows you to define customized Escalation Tiers to notify specific Users that action needs to be taken regarding an escalated Item. These Escalation Tiers can be completely unique per Template within your system, allowing you to configure multiple different escalation pathways based on your workflow within your system. 


The Kiosk Module enables users to easily submit specified Templates from a kiosk without having to log into KaiNexus. This is a great way to remove technical barriers and allow more people to participate in continuous improvement, regardless of whether or not they use a computer in their daily work.


When your organization adds Milestones to a Template, each Milestone assigns certain actions that must be completed before it is ready for approval. For example, you could add a “Leadership Approval” Milestone to an Item that requires Users with a certain Role to approve the Milestone before work can continue on that Item.


The Wallboard Module allows you to create Wallboard Users that are essentially “Read-Only” Users, ideal for situations where you want to leave one account signed into KaiNexus all day in a public location–such as displaying various Boards at a Kiosk–but don’t want people making updates and changes to the system.


The X-Matrix Module enables you to add an X-Matrix to a Card on any Board you own. A major value of the X-Matrix is being able to visualize the correlation, contribution, and accountability between the sections. Having your X-Matrix in KaiNexus makes it interactive, as you can open any of the related work right from the X-Matrix itself.