Kiosk Module

The Kiosk Module

Allow Users to easily submit ideas from a kiosk without having to log into KaiNexus

The Kiosk module enables Users to easily create Items from select Templates without having to log into KaiNexus on desktop or the mobile app

This is a great way to remove technical barriers and allow more people to participate in continuous improvement, regardless of whether or not they use a computer in their daily work. Users need minimal training to use the module and can quickly submit items with minimal disruption to their workflow.

Ofie Profile PicInterested? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you’d like to enable this Add-On. 

Keep reading this article to explore FAQs about using the Kiosk module

Should we be using the Kiosk module?

Here are a few reasons why using the Kiosk module can add value for KaiNexus customers:

  • The Kiosk module is perfect for work environments where employees don’t work on a personal computer all day. They might be on the shop floor or using a shared workstation.
  • It can be helpful to both regular and advanced Users who need to submit items on the fly and come back to them later.
  • It can be coupled with the Wallboard module to create a KaiNexus station where people can submit items and get an overview of what’s going on in KaiNexus without logging in.

What effect does the Kiosk module have on the system?

When the Kiosk module is enabled for your organization, there will be a few changes to the system:

  • There will be a new User Type: Kiosk Users. 
  • Certain Templates can be made available for submission via the Kiosk. 
  • Kiosk information will be added to certain Reports

What’s a Kiosk User?

A Kiosk User has the Kiosk User Type. They are not traditional Users in that they cannot access any part of the app except for the submission screen. In addition, they cannot be added to any Teams. When someone submits an Item via the kiosk, they will be listed on the Team - not the Kiosk User. 

When setting up a kiosk, the Kiosk User must be signed in to the device. 

To sign in as a Kiosk User:

  • Follow your usual method of signing in to KaiNexus. Go to your organization’s usual login page and enter the Kiosk User’s username and password.
  • A Kiosk User's session in KaiNexus will not time out. However, there is a limit of 5 concurrent sessions per Kiosk User. 

To sign out of a Kiosk User account:

  • Go to the kiosk, and select the KaiNexus Kiosk logo. 
  • A “Sign Out” button will appear. Select that button and the Kiosk User will be logged out.

Which Templates can a User submit via the Kiosk?

Ofie Profile PicNote: Your Customer Success Manager will make any Template you want available for submission via the Kiosk.

Improvements, Incidents, and Projects can all be submitted via the Kiosk.

The Templates a particular User can submit via the Kiosk is based on an intersection of two factors:

  • Which Templates have been configured by your organization to be available for Kiosk submission. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to make a particular template available on the Kiosk.
  • Which Templates that particular User has permission to create.

What changes are made to the Reports section?

How does submitting Item's via the Kiosk work?

Who can submit via the Kiosk?

Once the Kiosk User has been logged in, Items can be submitted by the following types of user:

  • General Users
  • Capture Users

How do I submit items via a kiosk?

First, make sure that the Kiosk User has been logged in to the system. If you see the KaiNexus Kiosk logo at the bottom of the screen, you’re all set to proceed.

Next, tie your upcoming submission to the correct account:

  • Search for your name in the list of users and select it.

  • Select Continue

Ofie Profile PicNote: For security purposes, if you’re inactive for more than 50 seconds after this point, you will be asked to confirm that you’re still there. If you do not respond, the Kiosk will be returned to the initial page and your progress will be lost.

In the resulting window:

  • Your username and profile picture will be displayed in the top right corner of the page. If the wrong User is shown, select Start Over in the bottom left corner of the page and enter the correct user’s name on the initial page.
  • Templates that have been enabled for Kiosk submission and the selected user has permission to submit will be displayed.
  • To submit an Item, select the name of the Template you want to create. 

Example of Kiosk Create screen

In the resulting window:

  • Fill out any required and optional Fields and Attributes.
  • Select Create to submit your item.
  • Select Draft to save a Draft of your Item. 
  • Select  Cancel to discard your item and return to the Template selection screen.

Ofie Profile PicNote: The File, Link, Team, and advanced options seen when submitting an Item through the normal app are not available when submitting an Item through the Kiosk. Ask your Customer Success Manager if you would like to enable nesting the new Item beneath a Parent or removing the Draft button. 

What happens after I submit an Item on Kiosk? 

The item you submitted will immediately appear in KaiNexus.

  • The Author will be listed as the person selected on the initial screen.
  • The Timeline will indicate that it was submitted by the Kiosk User.