Save and Submit an Item as a Draft

Whenever you’re creating a new improvement in KaiNexus, you have the ability to initially save it as a draft. A “Draft” is a preliminary version of an Item; the submitter has entered some of its information but has not yet submitted it. Only people on the draft's team can see it. You can save an Item as a draft if you still need to gather requirements or are waiting on information that needs to be entered into the form. Anything that is in a status will appear with a light gray color.


How do I save an Item as a Draft?

To save an Item as a Draft:

  • Click at the top of the screen.

  • Click the name of the Template you wish to use to create your new Item.

In the resulting window:

  • Depending on the type of Workflow, different information will be required; there may be optional Fields and Attributes as well. You will be required to enter a short summary of the Item - this Fields is often called the “Title”, “Summary”, or “Theme”.

  • Once you’ve entered in the “Title”, be sure to populate any additional Fields or Attributes in order to successfully proceed.

  • Click .

NOTE: Only you and Users you assign to the Team can view an Item you have saved as a Draft.


PRO-TIP: If you fail to complete submission when creating an Item in KaiNexus, the Item will auto-save as a draft for you to revisit later.

NOTE: An Item will be saved this way for 14 days from when it was last updated, after that it will be automatically deleted.

  • Click to resume your submission of the Item you in the process of creating.

  • Click to delete the Item you were in the process of creating.

  • Click “Dismiss Message” to continue using KaiNexus. You will be prompted again to take action on this Item later.

How do I submit an Item in Draft status?

Open the drafted Item you wish to submit, then:

  • Click the status picker in the top left of the Item.

  • Click in the resulting drop-down menu.

In the resulting window, you can make any additional edits to the Item, if necessary.

When finished, click .