System Reports

User Count by Location Report

Track the number of each type of user by Location.

The User Count by Location Report lets you see the number of users of each type in each Location in your organization.

Example of a User Count by Location Report. 

Who can access this Report?

Anyone with the "View Report Data" permission can see this Report.

This Report can be accessed under the System section of the Reports page.

Working with the Report

The data

This Report displays the total number of users in each Location as well as the number of General, Capture, Setup, and Inactive users. If your organization has the Wallboard and/or Kiosk modules enabled, the number of Wallboard and/or Kiosk users will be displayed as well.

  • Click any of a Location's numerical values to open a list of users of that type in that Location.
  • Hover over a column's header and click the caret icon, then hover over Columns to add and remove columns from the list, or click Sort Ascending or Sort Descending to sort the list by that column in ascending or descending order.

The filters

Any relevant filters in use on the main Reports screen will be automatically applied to this Report but can still be configured as needed.

  • Click the Locations panel on the left side of the Report to expand it.
  • Level Type: Expand the drop-down to choose the types of Locations that should be listed in the Report.

Export the Report

To export the Report as a PDF, click the ellipsis icon and the "Print" window will open.

  • Page Size: Expand the drop-down to choose your preferred page size.
  • Scale: Expand the drop-down to choose the scale percentage. This allows you to fit more content on a single page. For example, selecting 50% doubles the amount of content you can fit on one page. Make sure to select "Fit to page" in your browser's print settings.
  • Click either Portrait or Landscape to choose the PDF's orientation.
  • Click Print.

Ofie Profile PicThe Location of the Report will appear on the exported PDF beneath the Report title.