Wallboard Module

The Wallboard Module

The Wallboard Module allows your organization to create a new type of user — Wallboard Users — that are essentially "read-only."

Two Line OfieReach out to your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in this module.

The Wallboard Module allows your organization gives your organization a new type of user called Wallboard Users. These users are essentially "read-only" users, and enable you to leave one account signed into KaiNexus all day in a public location if, for example, you want to have a certain Board displayed at a kiosk in a key area but don't want passersby making updates or changes to the system.

Two Line OfieImportant: A Wallboard User can only be logged in to one device at a time. If you log into a Wallboard account on a second device, the first device will be logged out.

How the Wallboard Module changes KaiNexus

When the Wallboard module is enabled for your organization, there will be a few changes to the system:

Two Line OfieFor more information on User Types, check out this support article.

Wallboard Users

When logged into a Wallboard User's account, you'll find that things look quite a bit different than they do for General Users or even Capture Users.

  • Wallboard Users are automatically activated. That means that when you create a new one, you'll just need to set their password and then whoever is managing the Wallboard User will be able to log in directly without having to activate their account.
  • Most options are removed from the navigation bar at the top of the screen:
    • They can't access the Items section, save custom Item Lists, or have custom Item Lists shared with them.
    • They can't access the People section or save custom People Lists.
    • They can't access the Reports or Administration sections
    • Wallboard Users can't be added to any Items or Bookmark any Items, so there will never be a Notification Bell icon or a Bookmark icon.
    • They cannot access their user profile window and their user profile icon will be grayed out in the navigation bar.

Two Line OfieTo log out of a Wallboard User's account, click and hold the user profile icon for three seconds, then click Sign Out in the resulting drop-down menu.

  • Wallboard Users can only access Boards that have been shared with Wallboard Users and with their Location, Role, and/or Persona.
  • Depending on how the Wallboard User is configured, there may or may not be a "Create" button at the top right corner of each Board. If there is no "Create" button, new Items can not be submitted from this account.

    If there is a "Create" button, this button will act in the same way as the Kiosk Module's. Users will need to search for and select their name to tie their submission to their real KaiNexus account (rather than this Wallboard User) before choosing the Template they want to submit and entering their data.

Two Line OfieREQUIRED: Your organization must have both the Wallboard and Kiosk Modules to add a "Create" button to a Wallboard User. If both Modules are enabled, edit a Wallboard User's profile and check the Enable Kiosk checkbox to add a "Create" button to their Boards.

  • Wallboard Users have much more restricted functionality within the platform, both when working in the platform themselves and when other users are interacting with them:
    • They can not make any changes to existing Items, including editing, liking, acknowledging, or commenting on them.
    • They can not edit or alter Cards in any way.
    • They can not create, edit, or own Boards.
    • They can not be added to any Item's Team, even as a Follower.
    • Their user profiles have more limited configuration options than General and Capture users:
      • They can only be given a username, first and last name, User Type, Persona, Network Location(s), and Roles.
      • They can only be granted Roles that have been made available to Wallboard Users.
      • You can supply an IP Allowlist to help secure unattended devices displaying your Boards and Kiosks to prevent them from being used from an unauthorized network. Enter this list in the IP Whitelist field, one IPv4 or IPv6 address per line. CIDR masks are supported.
      • Since they can't have an email address associated with their account, they won't get any email notifications.
    • They can not be awarded — manually or automatically — any Badges.

Share Boards with Wallboard Users

Wallboard Users can not see a Board unless it has been shared with Wallboard Users in general and with their Location, Role, and/or Persona specifically.

To share a Board with Wallboard Users, you must have the "Board Administrator" permission. If you do, log into KaiNexus and navigate to the Board with which you want to work, then:

  • Click Actions in the top right corner of the Board.

A Board with an arrow pointing to the Actions button

  • Click Edit Board in the resulting drop-down and the Edit Board window will open.
    • If it's not already checked, click the Share checkbox to enable it.
    • Click the Shared with Wallboard Users checkbox to enable it.
    • Add the Wallboard User's Location, Role, and/or Persona to the Viewer(s) field, bearing in mind that every user in that Location or who has that Role or Persona will also be able to see this Board.

Two Line OfiePRO TIP: If you want this Wallboard User to be the Board's only Viewer, we recommend creating a Role that is only assigned to this one user and making that Role the Board's Viewer.

    • Click Save. The Wallboard User may need to log out and back in to see this change take effect.

Make Roles available to Wallboard Users

Wallboard Users can only be assigned Roles that have been specifically made available to them.

To make a Role available to Wallboard Users, you must have the "Role Administrator" permission. If you do, log into KaiNexus and navigate to the Roles administration page, then:

  • Hover over the Role you want to edit so that it's highlighted blue, then click the pencil icon that appears to its right and the Edit Role window will open.
    • Click the Board User checkbox to enable it.
    • Click Save.

People with the "Global User Administrator" or the "Local User Administrator" permissions will now be able to edit Wallboard Users and grant them this Role as they normally would.

Two Line OfieRemember: Wallboard Users are extremely limited with regard to what they can do in KaiNexus. Most of the permissions that could be included in a Role will be ignored if that Role is given to a Wallboard User. Wallboard User's Roles primarily dictate their View permissions.

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