Wallboard Module

The Wallboard Module

NOTE: Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead for more information on enabling this module.



This module allows you to create “Wallboard” users that are essentially a way to support putting KaiNexus on a wall for all to view. This is ideal for situations where you want to leave one account signed into KaiNexus all day in a public location - such as displaying various Boards at a Kiosk - but don’t want people making updates and changes to the system.

You can think of a Wallboard User as a “Read-Only” user.

With this module, “Wallboard” is available as a new account User Type - like the General and Capture User Types you’re used to.


What are the features of a Wallboard User?

NOTE: A Wallboard account can only be logged in once at a time. If you log into Wallboard account on a second device, the first device will be logged out.

  • Their left navigation bar is removed, but they can still use the search bar to look for any Items they have permission to access.

  • They cannot access their User Profile window. However, you can log out of a Wallboard User by clicking and holding on the User Profile icon near the top right of the page.

  • They cannot make any changes to existing Items, including liking, acknowledging, bookmarking, or commenting.

  • Depending on how the Wallboard user is configured, there may or may not be a "Create" button at the top of the screen. If that button is not present, new Items can not be submitted from this account.

  • They cannot be part of any Item’s Team, even as a Follower.

  • Their “User Profiles” have limited options - they can only be given a Username, First and Last Name, Physical Location, Network Location(s), and Role(s). They also can’t be awarded - manually or automatically - any Badges.

  • They can’t have an email address, so they won’t get any email notifications. They also will not see any in-app notifications or have a Notifications window.

  • They can’t edit or alter Cards in any way apart from refreshing them.

  • They cannot download any files or share any Items.

  • They cannot create or own Boards, and cannot edit or clone Cards.

  • They cannot save Custom Lists.

  • They can only be granted certain Roles - your Customer Experience Lead will work with you to get this set up the way you want.

  • They can only access certain Boards - your Customer Experience Lead will work with you on this as well.

Note: Wallboard Users are auto-activated.