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Create a New User

The "Admin" area is only accessible by administrators; only User Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page. 


What emails get sent when I add a new user?

  • If the new user is in the Full Access status and has an associated email address, they will receive a welcome email with instructions for activating their account and logging in for the first time.

  • If the new user is Full Access and does not have an associated email address, they will not receive an activation email. It is your responsibility to inform Full Access users about their account and help them log in when appropriate.

  • If the new user is not Full Access, they will receive no email. If they are activated in the future, they will receive an activation email at that time.


How do I create a new user?

Navigate to the "Users" admin page, then:

  • Click  in the top right corner of the page.


In the resulting window, build the new user's profile:

  • Username
    Many of our customers assign usernames to their users that match either their email, employee ID number, or their username from their work computers. Any of these are great usernames because they’re easy for Users to remember, but you can use any convention you want for coming up with usernames.

    Remember: usernames must be unique.

  • Status
    The user’s status will determine the access to and functionality within KaiNexus. Choose the appropriate status.

  • Email
    It is highly recommended that, when possible, each account have an associated email address. This makes using KaiNexus much easier for the average User, ensuring that they receive all important notifications about their account and improvement work.

    If you include an email address, upon activating their account, the user will receive an email containing instructions on how to finalize the activation of their account, choose a password, and log in for the first time. If you do not include an email, it’s your responsibility to activate the account and inform the user about their password and how to log into KaiNexus.

  • First and Last Name

  • Mobile Phone, Work Phone, and/or Pager numbers

  • Physical Location
    This is the user’s physical location. For example, if your organization has several buildings, you would put the name of the user’s building (and perhaps the floor) in this field.

  • Employee ID

  • Titles A user can have as many Titles, or degrees, as applicable.

  • Positions A user can be assigned as many Positions, or job functions, as applicable.

  • Employee Type
    A user can be assigned as many Employment Types, or attributes describing the terms of their employment, as applicable.

  • Hire Date

  • Certifications
    A user can be assigned as many Certifications, or confirmations of the employee’s qualifications or education, as applicable.

  • Badges
    If you are a Global Badge Administrator, you can give the user any of your organization's manually grantable Badges - if there are any.
  • Network Location 
    A user can be assigned to as many Network Locations as applicable so that they can be kept in the loop about work being done in every part of the organization with which they are involved.

  • Roles
    A Role is a way to grant certain powers and permissions to a user. Every user can be assigned as many Roles as appropriate. A user’s Role determines their default notification settings as well as their powers and permissions within KaiNexus.

    If the user has multiple Network Locations, you can control which Roles apply to items in which Locations.