Multi-Language Module

Multi-Language Module

Configure your KaiNexus instance to support translating areas of the platform into multiple languages. 

Two Line OfieNOTE: The Admin area is only accessible by administrators; only Quality Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page.


There is so much customizable text in the app. Giving customers the flexibility to self-translate these elements allows companies to utilize their own or industry-specific vernacular as well as support colloquialisms that literal translations may not support.

The language displayed can be set by location where all users in a given location will see that language.  Additionally, Users have the ability to set their desired language on their User profile, in the event that they prefer an alternative language to the one set for their Location. This is especially useful in places where there is a mix of languages spoken.

Once the Language option has been created, your organization’s Quality Administrators can begin translating several areas within your Templates.


PRO TIP: Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to configure a new Language option. 

How do I translate my KaiNexus instance into different languages?

When your Language(s) have been configured, in order to translate your templates:

  • Navigate to Admin > System > Translation.
  • In the Language menu, select from your organization’s list of configured language options.
  • In the Item Type menu, select which area of the platform you would like to translate:
    • Template will prompt an additional drop-down menu to select from a list of your organization’s configured Templates.
    • Attribute
    • Attribute Value
    • Field Type
    • Reason will generate a list of all of your organization’s configured No Change Reasons.
    • Impact Type
    • Milestone will only appear if your organization has enabled the Milestones Module.
    • Customized Text will generate a list of terminology within your Templates that you may have previously customized, such as the Team Roles or Location Tooltips.
    • Static Text will prompt a Category dropdown menu with the following options: 
      • General will generate a list of text that appears on different buttons and windows when working with your Items throughout its lifecycle in KaiNexus (such as Create, Save, Edit and Delete buttons).
      • Dates
      • Statuses
      • Locations
  • In the Translate Text column,  enter the translation for that language option.

  • Select Save.

Translation Quick Filters


Item Type

How to set a User’s Language option?

  • Click your name in the top right corner of KaiNexus.
  • In the resulting drop-down menu, click .
  • In the resulting window:
    • Click in the top right corner of the window.
    • Click .
    • In the resulting window, you can edit your Language option using the “Language:” drop-down menu.
    • Click .

NOTE: You will need to sign out and then sign back into KaiNexus in order to view the changes you made in this section.

PRO TIP: You can also set a Language to default to one or more Locations within your Network. This means Users within the selected Locations will default to that translated Language upon signing into KaiNexus. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to help configure this Language setting for you