The Basics


A Persona is an attribute that labels and identifies KaiNexus Users to provide a better understanding of who they are and how they use the system.

What is a Persona?

Personas are a way of classifying your organization's KaiNexus users beyond their User Type and their Roles. They do not grant or restrict any functionality within KaiNexus; they are purely used to label and identify users based on who they are and how they are (or will be) using the system.

Since each user can have only one Persona, administrators are able to use that information to identify which of their users need additional permissions and who needs a simpler experience in KaiNexus.

Two Line OfieA Persona can also be assigned to each Role in the system. This makes it easier for administrators to keep track of who should be assigned which Role(s).

What are the different types of Personas?


The Frontline Persona is meant for users who participate in improvement work and projects but who are not responsible for higher-level improvement work like coaching or planning and organizing strategic efforts.

Frontline users will require the simplest view of KaiNexus, making it easy for them to participate without interrupting the necessary flow of their work.

This is the most common Persona. 


The Leader Persona is meant for users who drive the improvement work of their Frontline workers in order to meet the goals set by their Executives. Their goal is to model and promote the improvement behaviors that create a culture of continuous improvement, and ensure that their employees practice them. Leaders depend on the improvement and technology expertise of the CI Coaches.

Leaders will likely require more access and permissions within KaiNexus than Frontline users.


The Executive Persona is meant for users who, while not directly responsible for continuous improvement as a part of their daily work, are highly invested in its success as a way to achieve organizational goals and strategic initiatives.

Their view of KaiNexus should be largely simplified and only focus on the visibility of the impact associated with the improvement work and organization-wide KPIs. 

CI Coach

The Continuous Improvement (CI) Coach Persona is meant for users who are primarily responsible for establishing and sustaining their organization's culture of continuous improvement. At some organizations, this is a single individual, while others may have a whole department dedicated to this task.

Their view of KaiNexus will be the most advanced as they will have the most widespread system permissions across all of their KaiNexus users.

KaiNexus Champion

The KaiNexus Champion Persona is meant for users who work as primary or secondary contacts with the KaiNexus team. KaiNexus Champions also typically act as an administrator for KaiNexus within their organization and have regular meetings with their Customer Success Manager to ensure ongoing system management.

Change a user's Persona

Who can change a user's Persona?

To change a user's Persona (including your own), you must have either the "Global User Administrator" permission or the "Local User Administrator" permission for that user's Location(s).

Change a user's own Persona