Custom Badges Module

The Custom Badges Module

We’ve found that even a simple reward—like an automated award—can inspire people and keep them engaged with their improvement work. After all, recognition of someone’s accomplishments goes a long way!

Two Line OfiePRO TIP: Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information on enabling the Custom Badges Module.

What are Custom Badges?

Custom Badges are emblems that can be customized to meet the exact needs of your organization. Whenever a person meets the requirements of a Custom Badge, it will be added to their profile to show everyone just how awesome and engaged they are.

For more information on viewing Badges, Badge Streaks, SuperBadges (and more!), check out this support article: What is a Badge?

How can I customize our Badges?

Organizations have a ton of freedom when it comes to creating Custom Badges. To create new Custom Badges or edit existing ones, reach out to your Customer Experience Lead.

You can customize the following criteria:


  • Specify its name and add a description. This information will be shown whenever anyone hovers over the Badge’s icon.
Hover Badge Description
  • Upload an icon to represent the Badge. This icon will be displayed on the profile pages of anyone awarded the Badge.

Ofie Profile PicImportant: When uploading icons for new badges, make sure the image is square. This prevents resizing issues in KaiNexus. We recommend your image be 80 by 80 pixels in size. 

Badge Criteria

Pick a reason for the Badge to be awarded. Choose between:

  • Role-based
    • A User filling a certain Role (or Roles) on any workflow except Incident.
    • A User filling a certain Role (or Roles) on any Project or Improvement.
    • A User filling a certain Role (or Roles) on any Project.
    • A User filling a certain Role (or Roles) on any Improvement.
    • A User filling a certain Role (or Roles) on any Task.
    • A User filling a certain Role (or Roles) on any Chart.
    • A User filling a certain Role (or Roles) on a specific type(s) of any workflow(s). 
  • Activity-based
    • A User accomplishing a specified activity (such as logging in 50 times, completing 75 Items, or approving 15 Milestones). You can even get a Badge for clearing your Notifications!
  • Manual
    • If none of these reasons perfectly suit your needs, you can make this a manually-grantable Badge instead. People with a Role containing the Global Badge Administrator permission will be able to manually grant the Badge to whomever they’d like, for any reason, by editing that person’s profile.

Activity Criteria

  • Specify if the Badge will be awarded based on using KaiNexus via a browser or via the mobile app (or both!). 
  • Set a Badge to be awarded after an Improvement is completed in general or completed resulting in a specific desired change.*

  • Highlight even the most nuanced contributions by adding rules from the Advanced Item Filter.
    • For example, this will allow you to grant a Badge to the Author of an Item with the most comments within a 30-day period, or to someone who logged X amount of Time Savings documented.*
  • Pick which other Badges this Badge should supersede or replace.
    • For example, if the Badge you're customizing is granted for submitting 100 Improvements, it would supersede a Badge granted for submitting 50 Improvements.
  • Select all the Badges someone must obtain in order to be awarded a SuperBadge. SuperBadges are awarded based on Badges previously earned in the system. 
    • For example, you could create Badges for submitting 100 Improvements, signing off on 50 Milestones, and resolving 75 Projects. Once a User has earned all three of those Badges, then could then unlock a KaiNexpert Superbadge! 

Date Criteria

  • Pick how many times the triggering event must have happened in a certain number of days.
    • For example, you can say that a person must have authored 10 Improvements in 60 days, or that they must have been responsible for 50 Improvements total.*
  • Specify a “Last Updated” condition to restrict the Badge to account for Items last updated within the specified time frame.
    • For example, you can set a Badge to be granted to Users if they have submitted and updated 5 improvements within the past 30 days.* 
  • Prevent Badges from getting awarded retroactively by adding a “Activate On” date. 
    • People will only be awarded a Badge if they meet its requirements starting on this date.
  • If you only want the Badge to be awarded for a limited time, we can add a “Deactivate On” date. 
    • Existing badges will remain, but no new badges will be granted. 
    • If someone meets the requirements of the Badge after that date, they will not receive the Badge.
  • Configure Manual Badges to expire on a specified date. 
    • For example, after training a set of new hires, an HR manager can grant HIPAA certification Badges to the trainees and set that Badge to expire exactly one year in the future. That HIPAA Badge will expire one year later on the specified date, letting Users know it’s time to get recertified!

Badge Notifications

  • Set a default Badge email, that when enabled, sends an email to a User when they have been awarded or lost a Badge.
    • You can also customize a Badge notification email to let Users know what they’ve accomplished (or why their Badge has been revoked)!
  • Configure an in-app/email notification to let Users know when they’ve been awarded a Badge or have had their Badge revoked.
  • Configure an in-app/email notification to let Users know they’re on a streak. This is a great way to encourage engagement!

    Badge Notification Example
  • Configure an in-app/email notification to warn Users they must take action in order to maintain their Badge. Let’s keep that improvement streak going strong!

Grouping Badges

Customize Badge Types to group similar Badges and filter for them. For example, if you have Badges for Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt Certifications, you can customize a Badge type called Six Sigma Certifications to group those Badges, allowing you to easily filter for all Badges of that type.

Two Line OfieNOTE: Archived, Deleted, Draft, and No Status Items will not be counted toward Badge requirements.

I’m a Global Badge Administrator: How do I grant someone a Custom Badge?

Two Line OfieNOTE: To grant a Badge, you must have both the "Global Badge Administrator" and the "Global-" or "Local User Administrator" permissions. Only organizations with the Badges Module will have the Global Badge Administrator Role permission enabled. 

By default, you can only grant someone a manually-awarded Badge and all other Badges are granted automatically when certain conditions are met or behaviors performed. However, for Role-Based and Activity-Based Badges, we’ve added the ability for Badges to be both manually grantable and tied to Items. If enabled, Global Badge Administrators will also be able to manually grant a Role-Based or Activity-Based Badge.

To grant someone a Badge, go to the People section, then:

  • Hover over the name of the User with whom you want to work so that their row is highlighted blue.
  • Click the pencil icon to edit their User Profile.

Edit a User Profile

  • In the resulting window, select the Badges you wish to grant or revoke from the User.

Edit Badge Profile

  • Click Save.