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Universal Badges

Badges work to “gamify” the system, leading to increased engagement, collaboration, and loyalty in the workplace.

What is a Universal Badge?

Universal Badges are a set of Badges, available to all customers, created to help Users overcome the initial hurdle of using the system, help Users explore functionality, and encourage Users to work more in the system. Universal Badges work alongside any Custom Badges your organization is already using as part of the Custom Badges Module.


For more information about Badges, check out the support article What is a Badge?

What Universal Badges are available?

Our Universal Badges include:

KaiNexus Pro SuperBadge: We want to encourage people to take part in many aspects of KaiNexus. The KaiNexus Pro SuperBadge is earned when a person has submitted their 1st Item, added a comment to an Item, added a Link or File to an Item, been on a Team, and submitted a Resolution/resolved something. The goal is to encourage Users to explore the full functionality of the platform!

Mobile Explorer SuperBadge: What easier way to participate in improvement than to do it from the device you carry in your pocket all day anyway?! People can earn the new Mobile Explorer badge by logging in from a mobile device, submitting an Item, and leaving a comment. This Badge encourages Users to explore the Mobile App.

Improvement Novice: As a piece of the KaiNexus Pro SuperBadge and a stand-alone badge—the Improvement Novice Badge is earned when a User submits their 1st Item. We want to celebrate Users for submitting their 1st Item - no matter how big or small!
Improvement Apprentice: Why stop at 1 Item? The Improvement Apprentice Badge rewards users who submit 5 Items in KaiNexus. We want to encourage Users to engage with the system as much as they can!
Improvement Leader: Double digits! The Improvement Leader Badge rewards Users who have submitted 10 Items in KaiNexus. 
Improvement All-Star: The Improvement All-Star Badge rewards Users who have submitted 50 Items in KaiNexus. After submitting 50 Items, clearly, the User is engaging well in the system.

Improvement Legend: Submitting 100 Items deserves a very special Badge! The Improvement Legend Badge is awarded to Users who have submitted 100 Items in KaiNexus. We want to encourage Users to not be afraid of interacting with the platform.

Universal Badge Streaks

Now Users can track the number of weeks (or months) in a row they’ve performed an action in KaiNexus by earning a Streak! These Streak Badges include submitting an Item, logging in, and clearing notifications to earn the weekly and monthly Badges! Since it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit, Streaks are an excellent way to instill these habits in Users in KaiNexus! 

All Caught Up! (Monthly): An important part of Improvement work is staying on top of due dates. This is why we introduced the All Caught Up Monthly Badge which is awarded to Users who clear their notifications each month. The Streak keeps up with how many months in a row a User has done this! 

All Caught Up! (Weekly): Not only can you earn a Streak Badge for clearing your notifications at a monthly interval - you can earn the All Caught Up Weekly Badge for clearing your notifications each week! We know sometimes notifications can get overwhelming, so it’s important to stay on top of them by going through and clearing them often!

Captain Capture (Monthly): We love to celebrate Users submitting Items in the system, but it’s even more important to be consistent with it! Users can earn the Captain Capture Monthly Badge for submitting an Item each month. Submit an Item once per month to keep your monthly Streak Badge!
Captain Capture (Weekly): Go the extra mile in your improvement journey and earn the Captain Capture Weekly Badge for submitting an Item weekly. Keep up your weekly streak by submitting an Item each week! 

Sign-On Spree (Monthly): The first step of engaging in KaiNexus? First—you have to sign in! You can earn your Sign-On Spree Monthly Badge for signing into KaiNexus once per month. Of course, we’d like you to sign in more than once a month, but this is a great start and deserves to be rewarded!

Sign-On Spree (Weekly): Once you sign in each week into KaiNexus, you can earn the Sign-On Weekly Badge! The more often you sign in and explore the system, the sooner you are going to see the value to your daily work!

What if my organization doesn't want every Universal Badge?

Although we encourage organizations to utilize all the Universal Badges available, you are able to pick and choose which Universal Badges your organization would like to implement. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead for more details.

What if my organization wants different Badges?

The Custom Badges Module gives your organization a ton of freedom when it comes to creating your Badges. From design to notifications to activity requirements, the Custom Badges Module lets you do it all!