What is a Badge?

Badges work to “gamify” the system, leading to increased engagement, collaboration, and loyalty in the workplace.

We’ve found that even a simple reward—like an automated award—can inspire people and keep them engaged with their improvement work. After all, recognition of someone’s accomplishments goes a long way!


KaiNexus offers two different types of Badges: Universal Badges and Custom Badges

Universal Badges are a set of Badges, available to all customers, created to help Users overcome the initial hurdle of using the system, help Users explore functionality, and encourage Users to work more in the system. For more information on Universal Badges, check out this support article: What is a Universal Badge?

Custom Badges are emblems that can be customized to meet the exact needs of your organization. Whenever a User meets the requirements of the Custom Badge, it will be added to their profile to show everyone just how awesome and engaged they are. 

Two Line OfieNOTE: Custom Badges are only available to organizations that have enabled the Custom Badges Module. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead for more information on enabling this module.

What is a SuperBadge?

SuperBadges are awarded based on Badges previously earned in the system. 


For example, your organization could have a Badge for submitting 100 Improvements, a Badge for getting Six Sigma Black Belt Certified, and a Badge for resolving 75 Projects. Once a User has earned all three of those Badges, then could then unlock a Lean Superstar SuperBadge! 

What is a Badge Streak?

Users can track the number of days (or weeks, or months) in a row they’ve performed an action in KaiNexus by earning a Streak. Streak Badges typically include submitting an Item, logging in, and clearing notifications to earn the weekly and monthly Badges. Since it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit, Streaks are an excellent way to instill these habits in Users in KaiNexus!

The number of times a User has maintained the Streak will be displayed as a small numerical value on the Badge.

Badge Streaks

We already have some Universal Badges that encourage Streaks, but don't forget, you can create Custom Badge Streaks of your own with the Custom Badges Module!

How do I know if I've received a Badge?

For Universal Badges, you'll receive an in-app notification when you've been granted a new Badge or (oh no!) when you've had a Badge revoked.

For Custom Badges, your Badge notifications depend on your organization's Custom Badge notification configurations. You may receive an email and/or an in-app notification when you've been granted a new Custom Badge or if you've had a Custom Badge revoked. You may also receive a notification prompting you to take action to maintain a Streak so you don't risk losing your Badge!

How can I see who has been awarded a Badge?

You can see all the Badges a User has been awarded by opening their User profile. Their Badges will be displayed underneath their profile picture. Select View Badges to see more details, including titles, descriptions, and different categories of Badges.

View Badges

To only see the Badges that a User has already earned, check the box for Hide Unawarded Badges.

Hide Unawarded Badges

Uncheck the Hide Unawarded Badges box to see all the Badges a User has earned in addition to all the Badges that they have the potential to earn. Badges that have not yet been earned are grayed out.

Show Unawarded Badges

Two Line OfiePRO TIP: The Hide Unawarded Badges checkbox respects individual User preferences, so if you check the box to hide the unawarded Badges, it will stay checked whenever you log back in later or while visiting different User Profiles. 

If you want to see all the Badges of multiple Users simultaneously, check out the People section. The “Badges” column displays everyone’s Badges, and you can set filters to display specific Badges in the People section or on a People Card.

People Section Badges

How do I see a Badge's title and description?

Badge titles and descriptions clue you into the requirements needed to earn that specific Badge. Whether you are on a User Profile or in the People section, you can hover over any Badge’s icon to see its title and description (if there is one).

Here's what it looks like to hover over a Badge icon on a User Profile:

User Profile Badge Hover

And here's what it looks like when hovering over a Badge icon in the People section:

People Section Badge Hover

Two Line OfiePRO TIP: Click on any of a User's Badges in the People section to go directly to their User Profile.

Remember, you can also see all available Badge titles and descriptions by going to a User Profile and selecting View Badges.

Filtering by Badges

What is a Badge Type?

By default, Badges are grouped by Custom Badges and Universal Badges, but with the Custom Badges Module, organizations can further distinguish their different categories of Badges which allows Users to filter by Badge Type.

  • For example, if you have Badges for Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt Certifications, you can customize a Badge Type called "Six Sigma Certifications" to group those Badges, allowing you to easily filter for all Badges of that type.

How do I grant someone a Badge?

Two Line OfieNOTE: Only Users with a System Role that grants them the Global Badge Administrator permission can grant Badges to other Users. 

Badges can be set up to be automatically awarded based on specific activity criteria set on the Badge, but you can also award them manually. 
  • Login to the customer’s instance
  • Go to the People section
  • Find the User(s) you are wanting to award the Badge(s) to
  • Hover over the User and select the pencil icon along the right to edit the User’s profile
  • In the resulting window, under “Badges” select from the drop-down the desired Badge(s) you wish to award to the User.

Repeat these steps for as many Users as you need to.

Two Line OfiePRO TIP: You can also award and revoke Badges for multiple Users at once via Bulk Change.