Branding Module

The Branding Module

Personalizing the look and feel of KaiNexus promotes brand cohesion within your organization and promotes system adoption among new users.

Two Line OfieReach out to your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in this module or, if your organization is already using this module, to take advantage of any of the features described in this article.

KaiNexus is full of areas throughout the platform where you can completely customize the visualization of your system, but with the Branding Module, you have the ability to add even more customization options for your KaiNexus instance. This can help increase the familiarity of the platform and create a more welcoming experience for your Users. 

What can I customize with the Branding Module?

The Branding Module includes several types of customization options. You can take advantage of any or all of these options:

Hide and replace KaiNexus's name and/or logo

Replace the KaiNexus logo — displayed in the top left corner of the platform when logged in, on the loading screen, and during a new user's activation process — with your organization's logo.

If you replace the KaiNexus logo within the app, you can then additionally choose to remove the KaiNexus logo from all system-generated emails and PDF exports.

Hide your organization's name from the platform's header

Remove your organization's name from KaiNexus's header. When logged in, users will see only the logo in the top left corner of the navigation bar.

Customize Template background colors

Customize each Template's background color, making it easier to differentiate between Templates.

Customize key colors throughout the platform

Customize the colors of:

  • The selected option and drop-down menus in the navigation bar.
  • Drop-down menus throughout the Boards, Lists, People, and Reports areas.
  • The Create button
  • The Notifications Bell and Badge Notification icons
  • The Bookmark icon
  • Each status
  • Reports
    • Choose one color to replace the default blue used on bars when viewing Reports in Graph mode across KaiNexus.
    • Choose two colors to replace the default green and gray used on the Impact Summary Report.
    • Choose one color to replace the default black used on the Impact Summary Over Time Report.