Kanban View

The Kanban View is a way of looking at a list of Items in KaiNexus. With this view, you can break down a list of Items by status.

The Kanban View breaks down a list of Items by status. Each column in this View contains only the Items currently in that status. By default, there will be a column for new, planned, active, overdue, resolution submitted, and complete Items, but you can add or remove columns as needed.

Only the most essential information is shown when a list of Items is in the Kanban View. This includes each Item's:

  • Name
  • Status: The status will be written out and will also be indicated by the color of the bar next to each Item.
  • Milestones: The current milestone, if any are included on the Item, and its status will be listed.
  • Template: The Template's icon will appear beside each Item's name. Hover over that icon to see the Template's name.
  • Key dates: Each Item's last updated date and one additional key date will be listed. The additional key date is chosen based on the Item's current status. For example, active Items' due dates and completed Items' completed dates will be shown.
  • Key people: The most important team role (as determined by the Item's Team Type and current status) will be listed along with all the users in that role.

Working with the Kanban View

  • When in the Detail View, click any of the listed Items to open it.
  • To quickly update an Item without having to open it, right-click its name.
    • Use the resulting Quick Edit drop-down to change the Item's status, edit its details, parent, Team, dates, or Locations, add a comment, archive the Item, or delete it.

Two Line OfieFor more information on using the Quick Edit drop-down, check out this article.

  • To open an Item in a new tab on your browser, right-click its name, then click Open in a new tab in the resulting drop-down menu.
  • To copy the direct link to an Item, right-click its name, then click Copy Link. The link will be copied to your clipboard.

Transition an Item to a new status

You can quickly change an Item's status by moving it from one column to another in the Kanban View, assuming you have the necessary permissions.

Two Line OfieItems cannot be moved into the Overdue or Draft statuses, Items that don't have Resolutions enabled cannot be moved into the Resolution Submitted status, and Items cannot be moved into a status that is currently blocked by a milestone.

To do so, locate the Item with which you want to work, then click and hold the Item and drag and drop it into its new position.

In the resulting window, enter the necessary information for the chosen status. For more information on each status, check out the following support articles.

Configuring the Kanban View

To configure how Items are represented in the Kanban View:

  • Click the filter icon near the top of the list. If you do not see this option, you may need to first click Filters to expand the list's filters.

An Item List with an arrow pointing to the Filter icon

  • In the resulting window:
    • Click the View Options header to expand it.  
      • Show Archived: Click one of the following radio buttons to decide whether archived Items should be included on the list.
        • Exclude Archived: When selected, no archived Items will be included on the list.
        • Only Archived: When selected, no unarchived Items will be included on the list.
        • Both: When selected, archived Items and unarchived Items will be included on the list.
    • Click Save.

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