Activity Feed Card

An Activity Feed Card allows Users to define the activity that appears in the Card's feed, like a customizable timeline. Learn how to create, use, edit, and delete an Activity Feed Card on a Board.

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What is an Activity Feed Card?

An Activity Feed is a Card on a Board that allows Users to define the activity appearing in the Card's feed, like a customizable timeline.

  • Common activities included on these Card are:
  • When an Item is created
  • When someone posts or replies to a Comment
  • When an Item is assigned or unassigned
  • When a Milestone is Ready or Approved
  • When an Item is Escalated or Deescalated
  • When an Attribute or Field is updated
  • When Chart data is updated
  • When a File or Link is added
  • When an Item is transferred

Some examples of when an Activity Feed Card might be useful are:

  • A manager wanting to view all activity on Items of a specific Template
  • Someone wanting to see everything relating to a specific kind of work in their Location
  • A senior leader wanting to engage with people in KaiNexus easily
  • A finance team waiting to view the progression of financial milestones

Add an Activity Feed Card

Trim OfieNOTE: In order to add an Activity Feed Card to a Board, you must either be an Editor on that Board or have a System Role with the Board Administrator advanced permission.


To add an Activity Feed Card to a Board,

  • Select the + Add button in the top right of the Board.
Add a Card to a Board

  • Select Activity Feed from the +Add menu.
  • In the Activity Feed Card window, enter: 
    • Card Name (required): This will appear as the title on your Card header.
    • Description
    • Activity: Select the type of activity you want to include on this Card. In the Activity Feed Card window, enter information for:

You can also select to show Status transitions, including when an Item is New, Planned, Active, Resolution Submitted, Deferred, Complete, or all of the above. 

Additionally, you may want your Activity Feed Card to show updates to Team roles, including Author, Assigner, Responsible, Collaborator, Sponsor, Champion, Leader, and/or Participant.

  • Filters: Once you've chosen the activity you want displayed, click the Item Filter or User Filter icons to show which Items and People you’d like to see the Activity of. 
  • Date Range: You specify the range of dates that you would like to show in the activity feed. For instance, if you want to display just the last 24hrs of activities of the Items that are a part of the Activity Feed.
  • When you’re finished configuring the Card, click Add.

Create Activity Feed Card

Delete an Activity Feed Card

Visit Add, Edit, Copy, or Delete a Card to learn the steps to delete a Card.