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The Habits Calendar

The Habits Calendar helps encourage people to sign in, clear their notifications, and interact with the system daily.

KaiNexus Users have various responsibilities and goals to consider during their improvement work. However, no matter what your Persona is, developing strong habits is essential for success. 

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: Personas classify KaiNexus Users based on who they are and how they use the system. The habits you want each User to perform are likely based on their Persona. Learn more about Personas in this article

Habits are universal actions that Users are encouraged to perform in KaiNexus every day. They include signing in, clearing notifications, and interacting with Items.  

The Habits Calendar helps you monitor how often you complete these essential habits. Users with particular admin permissions in the system can also view the Habits Calendar of others, allowing you to see who is regularly interacting with their improvement work and who may need to be more engaged. 

Example of a Habits Calendar. Each date on the calendar showcases which habits you completed that day. 

What is the Habits Calendar? 

The Habits Calendar is a  dynamic calendar located in your User Profile that tracks the key habits you perform each day. It helps you visualize your daily activity patterns over time. 

The Habits Calendar tracks six key actions that are crucial for monitoring engagement. These actions are:

  • Sign In: You perform this habit when you sign in to KaiNexus. 
  • Used System: You perform this habit when you have performed at least one action in KaiNexus that generates an Item Timeline entry.
    • For example, "Used System" could be submitting an Item, editing a description, completing a Milestone, or editing an Item Team.
  • Cleared: You perform this habit when you clear at least one notification. 
  • Cleared All: You perform this habit when you clear all of your notifications and have an empty Notifications Window.  
  • Commented: You perform this habit when you post or reply to a Comment, Update, or Note. 
  • Liked/Acknowledged: You perform this habit when you Like or Acknowledge at least one Item. 

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: If a User has an empty Notifications Window and does not receive any notifications during the day, their Habits Calendar will show they completed the "Cleared All" habit for that day, making it possible to complete the "Cleared All" habit, but not the "Cleared" habit. 

When you perform these actions in KaiNexus, your Habits Calendar will reflect your accomplishments. See whether you can complete all six habits in a single day and develop a streak. 

Example of a day on the Habits Calendar would look like when you complete all six habits. 

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: When you Impersonate another User, any actions you perform will count toward that User's habits. The only exceptions are the "Signed In," "Cleared," and "Cleared All" habits. A User will only achieve these habits when they log into the system themselves and clear their own notifications. 

View your Own Habits Calendar

Every User in KaiNexus can view their own Habits Calendar.

To view your Habits Calendar:

  • Select your profile picture in the top right corner of your screen. 
  • In the resulting drop-down, select My Activity
  • In your Activity Window, navigate to the Habits Tab

View the Habits Calendar of another User

Ofie Profile PicWarning: Only Users with the Quality Administrator Permission included in their System Role can view the Habits Calendar of other Users.

Viewing the Habits Calendar of other Users is a helpful tool for CI Coaches and KaiNexus Champions who want to ensure their organization is engaged in its improvement work and interacting with the system regularly.

Whether you are encouraging your Leaders to clear their notifications daily or tracking how often your executive is signing in, Habits Calendars give you an easy way to monitor the habits of other Users. 

To view the Habits Calendar of another User: 

  • Select the person's User Profile image anywhere it appears in the app. 
  • Select View Activity.
  • In the Activity Window, navigate to the Habits Tab.
    • If you do not have the Quality Administrator System Role Permission, then this tab will not be visible in the profile of other Users.

Working with the Habits Calendar 

The Habit Toggles

Each of the six daily actions tracked by the Habits Calendar is listed in the toggles at the top of the calendar. Use these toggles to control which habits the calendar displays. 

  • To show only one habit on the calendar, hover over one of the toggles and select Only
  • To show all habits on the calendar, hover over one of the toggles and select All

By default, the Habit Calendar shows all six habits. However, you might want to focus on specific actions. For example, you might be viewing the Habits Calendar of a Frontline User and only want to verify that they are signing in regularly. In this scenario, you would use the toggles to turn on only "Signed In." 

Change which month is displayed

The Habits Calendar shows habit information for one month at a time. By default, the Habits Calendar will show you a calendar for the current month, but you can easily change which month is displayed using the controls at the top left of the calendar. 

  • Use the arrows to navigate between months. 
  • Select Today to return to the current month. 

Ofie Profile PicImportant: The Habit Calendar begins tracking the Cleared and Cleared All habits in September 2023, which was the time of its release. All other habits utilize historical data and are included on the Habits Calendar for dates prior to September 2023. 

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