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The Notifications window

Stay up to date with your Items' updates and alerts.

Your Item notifications — alerts about Items that need your attention based on your Role, your affiliation with the Item, and your opt-in notification preferences — can all be found on the Notifications window.

Two Line OfieThe number of unread Item notifications, if any, will be displayed as a badge on the bell icon in your navigation bar. If there's no number on that icon, you don't have any unread notifications.

The Notifications window

To open your Notifications window, click the bell icon in your navigation bar.

The navigation bar with the Item notifications option marked in red

  • Each Item for which you have a notification will be listed on the Notifications window. If an Item has multiple notifications, they will all be listed together.
  • Unread notifications are indicated with a blue dot to their right. Click the blue dot to mark that notification as read.
    • To mark a notification as unread, hover over it so that it's highlighted in blue, then click the gray dot.
  • To the left of each notification is an icon indicating the type of notification.
    • Notifications marked with a blue dot are updates made to that Item since you last viewed it.
    • Notifications marked with a comment icon are about new or updated comments.
    • Notifications marked with a bell are notifications you've received due to your (or your Role's) notification preferences.
    • Notifications marked with a flag are notifications you've received due to your association with the Item.
  • Click any of the listed Items to open it and take a closer look.
    • If the Item is nested under a parent, the parent's name will appear under the Item's own. Click the parent's name to open it.
  • Right-click any of the listed Items, then, in the resulting drop-down menu:
    • Click Open in a new tab to open that Item in a new browser tab, or
    • Click Copy Link to copy a direct link to that Item.
  • Click Mark all as read near the bottom of the Notifications window to quickly mark all of your notifications as read.
  • To delete all your notifications, click Clear and the Clear window will open.
    • By default, only notifications marked with a blue dot, a comment icon, or a bell will be cleared. To also clear notifications marked with a flag, check the Also, clear all flags checkbox.
    • Click Clear.

You can also:

Updating an Item from the Notifications window

There are several actions you can take directly from the Notifications window. To do so, hover over the Item with which you want to work so that it's highlighted in blue, then:

  • Click the thumbs-up icon to like the Item or the check-mark icon to acknowledge it. The icon will be filled in to indicate that you've liked or acknowledged the Item.
  • Click the Comment icon to open the Item's Comments window. From there, you can enter a new comment.
  • Click the Copy Link icon to copy the Item's direct link to your clipboard.

The Notification window with the like, acknowledge, comment, and copy link icons marked in red

The Notification window with an arrow pointing to the Snooze Notifications icon

  • Click the x icon to clear that Item's flags. The Item will disappear from your Notifications window, all your Notifications will disappear from the Item itself, and a confirmation message will appear.

The Notification window with an arrow pointing to the x icon

Flip the order of your notifications

By default, your notifications will be ordered from newest to oldest. You can reverse this so that your oldest notifications appear first.

To do so, click the sort icon at the bottom of the Notifications window.

The Notification window with an arrow pointing to the sort icon

Update your notification preferences

To access and update your notification preferences from the Notifications window, click the cogwheel icon.

The Notification window with an arrow pointing to the cogwheel icon

In the resulting window, you can manage your in-app and email notification preferences, and update your email settings.


Two Line OfieFor more information on customizing your notification preferences, check out this support article.

Expand your list of notifications

By default, the Notifications window displays a condensed version of each Item related to its respective notification. However, if you want to expand your notifications into a simplified Detail View, click the expand icon in the top right corner of the Notifications window.

The Notification window with an arrow pointing to the expand icon

In this simplified Detail View:

  • The Notifications window will expand to take up the full browser window.
  • The list of notifications will appear on the left-hand side. When you click an Item in the list of notifications, that Item's work panel will open on the right side of the screen.

This expanded view lets you quickly open and view each Item in full, more clearly visualize any updates that were made to it, and quickly make any necessary changes of your own.