Snooze Item Notifications

Tired of getting notifications about a specific Item in KaiNexus? Snooze your notifications to opt-out of receiving updates about an Item.

By snoozing notifications, you can prevent any in-app notifications from appearing within your Notifications window that would notify you of an update that has been made to an Item you are either on the Team of, or to an Item type you’ve opted into being notified about. This will only stop notifications for you rather than prevent notifications for the entire team on that Item. 

How to Snooze Notifications on an Item

To snooze notifications, open up the Item you wish to stop receiving updates for, then:


  • Click the in the top right corner of the Item.

  • In the resulting drop-down menu, click .


  • Click the in the top left to the right of the status picker.

  • In the resulting window:

NOTE: At least one of the two following snooze options must be selected.


  • Leave the box next to “Snooze Overdue” checked if you wish to no longer receive a daily notification for this Item telling you that it is Overdue.

  • Check the box next to “Snooze Other” if you wish to no longer receive a notification telling you of any other updates that are made to this Item.

NOTE: There are several actions that will still generate a notification even if the Item has been snoozed.


  • Select both the date and time in the “Snooze Until” field to decide until when the Item will be snoozed.

  • When you’re ready, click .

NOTE: You can view what date the Item will be snoozed until in the flag added to the top of the Item. This will only be visible for you since it is a User preference.  

When the Item’s snooze deadline date approaches, you will once again begin receiving Overdue and/or other notifications for that Item. 


If you wish to adjust your snooze settings for an Item at any time, you can then:

  • Either click the in the top left corner to the right of the status picker or click the within the Snooze panel to update and set a new Snooze Until date.

  • Click the within the Snooze panel to clear out the snooze settings from the Item.


What notifications will I still get even if I snooze an Item? 

As mentioned earlier, snoozing an Item gives you the ability to no longer be notified of an Item being in the Overdue status or be notified of any other updates that may occur within the Item. However, there are certain actions that will override the snooze setting and still generate a notification to maintain a minimum level of visibility. 

You will still receive a notification if:

  • An action would generate an email notification on an Item, such as the Item going into the Resolution Submitted status, if you were assigned to the Responsible Person on the Item, or if the Item was deleted.

  • A User mentions you within a Comment .

  • You set a personal reminder on the Item.

Filter for Snoozed Items

You have the ability to filter by a “Snoozed” rule when adding criteria to your Lists. Here you can pull up a list to find which Items in your system you have snoozed notifications on.