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Impersonation Mode

Use Impersonation Mode to log into KaiNexus under another user's profile, view and interact with the platform as that user, and aid in setup and troubleshooting.

Impersonation Mode is a tool that allows certain administrators in your system to "impersonate" another user, and view the system as they would see it. This aids in understanding the experience of other users in your organization and allows for more immersive troubleshooting.

This is a helpful tool for:

  • Recreating and troubleshooting an issue one of your users is having.
  • Setting up a new user and making sure they have access to what they will need in KaiNexus.
  • Creating a Board for another user or confirming that their Board works correctly.

Ofie Profile PicWarning: Any changes the Impersonator makes during the Impersonation session are persistent and will appear in Item, Board, and Admin Timelines as the impersonated user's actions.

    KaiNexus automatically sends an email to the user who is being Impersonated, informing them that an administrator has Impersonated them in the system. This email is not sent if the Impersonator is an internal KaiNexus User, but the impersonation is still tracked in the Admin Timeline.

    Example Impersonation Email:


    Subject line: KaiNexus: A KaiNexus Administrator has signed in as you 

    Header: Account Notification


    We wanted to notify you that a KaiNexus Administrator, [Impersonator], has temporarily signed in to your account in order to troubleshoot issues, configure settings on your behalf, etc. Don’t worry, you will still have full access to your account during this time. Your Administrator will simply sign out of your account when everything is complete. 

    Please contact your KaiNexus Administrator, [Impersonator], with any questions.

    Who can use Impersonation Mode?

    Only people with the "Impersonate User" permission and either the "Local User Administrator" or "Global User Administrator" permission can use Impersonation Mode.

    • People with the "Global User Administrator" permission can impersonate users anywhere in the organization.
    • People with the "Local User Administrator" permission can impersonate users in the Location specified by that permission's configuration.

    Using Impersonation Mode

    To impersonate a user, navigate to the User Management administration page or the People page, then:

    • Hover over the user you want to impersonate so that it is highlighted blue and click the Impersonate User icon that looks like a person wearing a hat and coat.

    The People page with an arrow pointing to a users Impersonate User button

    • In the resulting confirmation window, click Confirm. You will be taken to the KaiNexus sign-in page.
    • Enter your username and password and click Sign In. Do not attempt to enter the username or password of the user you're impersonating.
    • You will be logged in as the user you chose to impersonate; if that user has an email address associated with their KaiNexus account, they will receive an email notifying them that you have signed in to their account.

      A red banner at the top of the screen will confirm that the impersonation was successful.
    The red banner showing that this is an Impersonation Mode session is visible across the top of the KaiNexus page

    • Perform any necessary configurations or troubleshooting, then click Sign Out in the red Impersonation Mode banner. You will be returned to the KaiNexus sign-in page. Enter your login credentials once more to sign back in to your own account.

    Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: The timeout period is shortened in Impersonation Mode. If you are inactive for longer than 5 minutes, you will be signed out.