Impersonation Mode

This article explains how Impersonation Mode works and how to use it on the platform. 

How Impersonation Mode Works

Users with the Impersonation System Role permission can log into KaiNexus under another User’s profile, allowing the Impersonator to view and interact with the platform as that other User, to aid in setup and troubleshooting.

Example Use Cases

  • Re-creating a User's issue for troubleshooting purposes
  • Setting up a new User and making sure they have access to what they will need 
  • Creating a Board for another User or confirming that a Board works how it should

Impersonation Activity

Any changes the Impersonator makes during the Impersonation session are persistent and show up in Item, Board, and Admin Timelines as the Impersonated User's actions. 

Impersonation OfieEXAMPLE: A KaiNexus administrator, Sherlock Holmes, impersonates a Frontline User, John Watson. While impersonating Watson, Holmes makes changes to the Baker Street Board. On the Baker Street Board Timeline, all changes that Sherlock Holmes made are displayed as changes made by John Watson. If Holmes renames the Board, the Timeline will display that John Watson renamed the Board.

User Notification

KaiNexus automatically sends an email to the User who is being Impersonated, informing them that an admin has Impersonated them in the system (see the example below). This email is not sent if the Impersonator is an internal KaiNexus User, but all actions are still tracked in the Admin Timeline. 

Example Impersonation Email:


Subject line: KaiNexus: A KaiNexus Administrator has signed in as you 

Header: Account Notification


We wanted to notify you that a KaiNexus Administrator, Sherlock Holmes, has temporarily signed in to your account in order to troubleshoot issues, configure settings on your behalf, etc. Don’t worry, you will still have full access to your account during this time. Your Administrator will simply sign out of your account when everything is complete. 

Please contact your KaiNexus Administrator, Sherlock Holmes, with any questions.

Using Impersonation Mode

Two Line OfieNOTE: Only Users with the Impersonation System Role permission can use Impersonation Mode.

Follow the steps below to access Impersonation Mode:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Users >  User Management (or navigate to the People Section from the Navigation Bar and select a List that includes the User you want to Impersonate).
  2. Hover over that User's list entry to display the User Options at the right-hand side of the entry.

    Impersonate User Icon
    Figure 1: Impersonate User Icon

  3. Select the Impersonation Mode icon (the icon looks like a person wearing a hat and coat—see Figure 1). A confirmation window displays, with a warning notice and Confirm and Cancel options (see Figure 2).

    Impersonation Mode Window
    Figure 2: Confirmation Window

  4. Select the Confirm button. The main login screen displays, prompting you to sign in to your own account again.
  5. Enter your own username and password to enter Impersonation Mode as the other User; you do not need to fill in the target User's login information to Impersonate them. A red banner with text stating that you are Impersonating [User First and Last Name] displays at the top of the screen for the duration of the Impersonation session. 

Impersonation Mode Example

Figure 3: Impersonation Banner

  • Select the Sign Out button on the banner to exit Impersonation Mode. Signing out of Impersonation Mode takes you to the main login screen, where you will need to re-enter your login information again to access your own profile.