3.x Release Notes

KaiNexus 3.1.1 Release Notes

August 4th 2023

Stay cool this summer (or warm this winter) with our refreshing collection of new enhancements and bug fixes. We are spicing up Widgets with colorful appearance customizations, introducing Goals to more Reports, and making many more improvements to brighten your day. Keep reading to learn about all the ways we are making waves.

Release Highlights

  • Level up your Goal tracking with our new Report options. You can now display Item Goals on Item Curve and Activity by Location Reports, giving you another way to visualize how close teams are to achieving their target number of Item submissions and completions. We also added Impact Goals to Impact Over Time Reports, making monitoring progress toward target Impact numbers easier than ever. 
  • You can’t go wrong with a splash of color. With our new Widget appearance options, you can now change the color of Widgets, helping you highlight important data, match company branding, and give visual cues. You can even add an icon to Create Button Widgets to help indicate the button’s purpose. We can’t wait to see what you do with this extra creative freedom.  
  • This new feature is a real game-changer. You can now quickly add Reports to Boards directly from the Reports Section. This allows you to experiment with the filters and visualize your Report before making it into a Card. After building your Report, you can easily preserve your work by copying it to a Board.  No more blindly editing a Report Card or re-creating something you’ve already made. This feature is sure to save you time. 



  • You can now share Boards by Persona. Making a Board visible to all Users with a certain Persona is a great way to share a Board with a group of people who have similar responsibilities. 


  • Brighten your Boards by customizing the appearance of Widgets. You can now change the color of each Widget, allowing you to highlight important data, match company branding, and give visual cues. You can even add an icon to Create Button Widgets to help indicate the button’s purpose. 
  • We unified the visual design of Chart Goal Widgets to match our other Widgets. 


  • You can now use the Formatting Toolbar in Attribute note fields. When prompted to provide more information about an Attribute, the Formatting Toolbar will be available for you to insert images and tables. This will be especially helpful while completing audits and checklists on your mobile device. 
  • We made performance improvements to help Attributes load faster on Items and Create Screens, decreasing the load time for Items with multiple Attributes.  


  • You can now filter Items based on the characteristics of their child Items. We updated the Item filter so that you can apply each Rule to the Item itself, its parent, its children, or its descendants. This will give you even more power when using the Item Filter to create Lists, Widgets, and Reports. 


  • We standardized Impact functionality so that Impacts measured in units, such as Time Savings, Takt Time, Cycle Time, Lead Time, Resources, Products, Wastes, and Environmental Impacts, now have working Realized Dates. 


  • We added Goals to Impact Over Time Reports, giving you another way to track progress toward your Impact Goals. After you add an Impact Goal to the Report, a gold Goal line will appear, indicating how close you are to your Goal.  
  • You can now track Item Count Goals on Reports. Use the Item Curve and Activity by Location Reports to visualize progress toward Items Submitted and Items Completed Goals. 
  • When you add a Goal to Impact and Activity by Location Reports in List view, the “Goal” and “% to Goal” columns will appear automatically. 
  • You can now directly copy Reports built in the Reports section to a Board. This allows you to experiment with the filters and visualize your Report before making it into a Card. After finishing your Report, you can easily preserve your work by copying it to a Board. 
  • Previously, the column headers in Reports would sometimes be truncated if the name was too long. We improved the spacing so column names always fit, making Reports easier to read. 
  • We enhanced the Impact Summary Report. Now, bars representing Impacts logged in units will display both the unit count and their monetary value. This addition ensures you can always access soft savings numbers for seamless comparison with other quantitative Impacts. 
  • Graph view Reports now have y-axis labels, making it easy to identify whether the values are percentages, currencies, or other units. 
  • When Impact by Location Reports are filtered by Impact Location, the Location & Below checkbox will now successfully aggregate nested data.
  • We are excited to introduce a new add-on module for our multi-currency customers. When combined with the Advanced ROI Module, the Multi-Currency Module allows you to set exchange rates between your organization’s currencies. While building Reports, you can convert data from one currency to another, ensuring a unified view of Impact data throughout your organization. Currency Conversion is available on all of our Impact Reports. Check out this article for more information on setting Exchange Rates for your organization. 


  • When retrieving user information during a JSON User API call, “Last Updated” and “Last Login” will now be included in GET requests, giving you more options while working with user data outside KaiNexus. 


  • When an Item is Archived, it will no longer be included in any Digest emails. 

User Profile

  • We added the option to customize the Support and Feedback links in User Profile drop-downs, sign-in screens, and emails. By default, clicking on these links will direct you to KaiNexus Support. Now, you can customize them to direct users to your organization’s support resources, such as an internal ticketing system. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to take advantage of this feature.


  • We made performance improvements to Item Lists and Item Lists Cards to help them load faster. 


  • We fixed a bug that was causing certain Total Financial Impact Widgets not to load Item Lists when you filter the Board by Impact Location. 
  • Items without an Originating Location are no longer excluded from certain Reports filtered by Impact Location. 
  • We fixed a bug preventing some time intervals from being available in the Bowling view of Reports.
  • The Create Screen of certain Items no longer automatically marks required fields in red before submission. 
  • The list of Similar Items available while creating a new Item will no longer include the Item you are currently submitting. 
  • You can no longer export Chart and Report Cards you do not have permission to view. 
  • We fixed a bug causing Impact Over Time Reports in Attribute view to time-out while displaying a Goal. 
  • Login Notices had the option to restrict viewing to users without a Persona. This option was non-functional, so we removed it for simplicity. 
  • We fixed a bug causing loading issues when applying specific filters to Reports.

Ofie Profile PicNote for KaiNexus Champions: Data in the Alt, Alt-2, and Alt-3 Sandboxes will not be refreshed this release.