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Network Attributes

Tagging Network Locations with an Attribute makes it easier to filter and report on the metrics of those Locations that pertain to a certain Attribute Value.

What is a Network Attribute?

A Network Attribute is a Value Attribute that has been made accessible to Network Locations.

Two Line OfieReach out to your Customer Success Manager to create a new Value Attribute or to turn an existing Value Attribute into a Network Attribute.

Individual Locations can be assigned one or more of that Attribute's Values and any list of Locations — such as on Reports or Boards — can be filtered by Network Attributes so that only Locations with certain Network Attribute Values are returned.

Two Line OfieNetwork Attributes can not be added to Templates and will not appear on Reports. They can only be applied to Locations.

Assign a Network Attribute Value to a Location

Once a Network Attribute has been created by your Customer Success Manager, you can add it to a Location by: