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Edit a Network Location

The Admin area is only accessible by administrators; only Quality Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page. 


How do I edit a Location?    

Navigate to the "Network" admin page, then:

  • Hover over the Location you want to edit so that it is highlighted blue.

  • Click  to its right.


In the resulting window:

  • Edit the Location's name in the "Name" field

  • Change what type of Location it is in the "Level Type" field.

  • Change under which Location, if any, it should be nested in the "Nest Under" field.

    The Location entered here will be the Location immediately above the new Location in the Network. If you don’t want this Location to be nested under another, leave this field blank.

  • Change where Improvements in this Location should be escalated in the "Escalate to" field.

    If an Improvement in this Location is escalated and transferred, the Location entered in this field will be the default Location to which that Improvement is transferred.

    If you leave this field blank, Improvements that are escalated and transferred from this Location will be moved to the next highest Location on the Network diagram by defaut.

  • Click .