KaiNexus communications

KaiNexus helps you ensure that people are getting the right information at the right time so that they get the information they need without being overwhelmed.


KaiNexus communicates with users in eight main ways:

  1. Association-Based alerts and emails

    Certain actions in KaiNexus automatically trigger email notifications for most users. In general, a person will be notified about relationship changes with an Improvement or Project (e.g. when they've been made the Responsible or added as a Facilitator) and about status changes of Improvements or Projects they're working on.

  2. Alerts

    KaiNexus uses custom alerts to communicate important updates. Flags let users know at a glance what’s new with each of their Improvements.

    Some alerts are informative, telling you what’s new with your improvements. Other alerts require you to take action, and won’t go away until you do. Users also have the option to manually set Flags on completed Improvements to prompt future review. This way, they’ll be reminded to check the impact, update the Improvement, or adjust the process as necessary.

    Information from the alerts will be included in the digest email.

  3. Opt-In Emails & Alerts

    Decide what you want to know about so that KaiNexus can send you the right notifications at the right time. By choosing preset notifications based on leadership and methodology best practices or by customizing them for a perfect fit, you ensure you’ll never miss information you should know about.

    Administrators can customize notification preferences for each Role so that every user assigned that Role inherits those preferences. Learn about customizing a Role's notification preferences here.

    Individual users can also customize their own notification preferences so that they get notified only about things in which they're specifically interested. Learn about customizing your notification preferences here.

  4. User-Pushed Email

    Your colleagues can choose to share important information with you via email.
    For example, users can send you information about a newly completed Improvement or send a comment to you directly.

    You can also link your inbox and improvement work by replying to comments via email and sharing links that take other users straight to the Improvement you’re working on.

  5. Digest Email

    KaiNexus users receive a customized email to update them on everything they need to know and do - at least once a week. Updates include, among other things, new comments, task assignments, and approaching due dates.

    Whether you’re an executive looking for the big picture or a manager with an eye for detail, you can customize your digest to get the updates you need.

    A user can specify on which days of the week they want to receive the digest by customizing their notification preferences.

    NOTE: If you have emails turned on for your account, you must receive the digest at least once a week.

  6. Subscriptions

    If a user has subscribed to a custom list or to a Board - or someone else has subscribed them to a Board - they will get a subscription email at least once a week containing information about and links to that list or Board. 

    NOTE: If you have emails turned on for your account, you must receive the subscription email at least once a week.

  7. Login Notices

    If administrators in your organization or the KaiNexus staff want everyone in the organization to know some important piece of information, a login notice may be created. This notification will pop up when you next log in to KaiNexus.

    Login notices are typically used to let you know about new features in KaiNexus or about classes or other events at your organization.

    You cannot elect to turn off login notices.

  8. KaiNexus Community Emails

    If you ask to be notified about KaiNexus blog posts or sign up to get one of our ebooks or watch a webinar, you'll start receiving our community emails. These emails contain information we think you'd like - blog posts, newsletters, webinar reminders.

    If you want to unsubscribe from these emails, there's an "Unsubscribe" button at the bottom of every email. Once you unsubscribe, you will no longer receive any community emails from KaiNexus - although you will still receive notifications from the application.


KaiNexus notifications provide invaluable visibility into innovation and improvement work to key people in the organization:

  1. Quality and Process Improvement Leaders

    Most organizations have a core team of people responsible for educating and coaching the rest of the staff to drive the organization’s innovation and improvement work. Unfortunately, their impact can be limited because it is often difficult for them to oversee and manage work happening across an entire organization.

    KaiNexus' custom notifications provide visibility for quality and process improvement leaders into the improvement and innovation efforts of everyone in the organization. Customizing these notification options to include all new Improvements, neglected Improvements, or Improvements resolved with specific impacts allows leaders to easily identify areas that require additional coaching or recognition.

  2. Finance Departments

    Our customers find great value in the ROI reporting capabilities within KaiNexus. When an Improvement is resolved, the assigned team and its leader are prompted to calculate the impact of the improvement. While this impact is not always finance related, it often is in the form of cost savings or revenue generation.

    With KaiNexus, Finance Departments can now be notified about any Improvement that resulted in a financial impact. This provides the Finance Team with the transparency they need to audit each report, and it ensures that the organization has accurate metrics regarding the financial impact of improvement and innovation.

    These notifications can be customized to fit the needs of other departments as well. For example, many KaiNexus customers configure the platform to notify their Safety Departments whenever a safety-related Improvement is resolved.

  3. Executive Leadership

    It’s important to keep executives abreast of any major updates or impacts around innovation and improvement. KaiNexus' custom notifications filter out unnecessary details, keeping executives in the loop about Improvements that impact critical business operations.

  4. Teams

    Working in teams, particularly cross-functional teams dispersed throughout an organization, is often difficult because effective communication is challenging when people work in different areas and on a variety of tasks. It’s hard to know who is assigned to a particular task, and when time is also limited, it can be challenging to solve problems as a team.

    KaiNexus' notifications utilize digest emails and individual emails from team Members to keep your team in the loop about everything regarding an Improvement, project, or event. Updates can be sent automatically, Tasks can be assigned and completed in real time, and Q&A can be logged for future reference.

    Because of this, our customers have seen a marked increase in the productivity of their meetings. Teams now know the current status of every project, and leaders now know what their staff is doing. With KaiNexus, meetings can now be spent discussing strategy and planning, rather than sharing updates.