Advanced Team

The Advanced Team type is designed for projects and multi-disciplinary collaborations.

What is an Advanced Team?

The Advanced Team type is leader-driven (top-down) and is designed for multi-disciplinary collaboration, which may include senior leaders, middle management, front-line staff, as well as subject matter and process improvement experts. With an Advanced Team, no singular person is responsible for the work on the Item. 

What Team Roles are in the Advanced Team?

Two Line OfieThe default Team Roles are listed below, but your organization may have configured custom Team Roles and/or customized the names of the default Team Roles. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for additional information about either of these features or for help determining which of your Team Roles correlate to these defaults.


Sponsor A Sponsor is usually a senior leader who provides guidance, support, and direction and is the champion of the Item. 
Facilitator* The Facilitator is in charge of leading and executing the project. Typically, there are a limited number of Facilitators per Item. 


The Leader is a position that will often be used in larger projects to lead small teams within the Item.
Participant Participants are responsible for contributing to the overall Item objectives and team deliverables.
The Author is the person (or people) who originally came up with the Item, created it in KaiNexus, and/or is responsible for keeping it up to date.
Participating Location(s) Adding a Participating Location will allow every User in that Location to take part in the Item. Each User in the Participating Location will have the same Team Role permissions as a regular Participant, but will not receive additional notifications about the Project.
Follower* Followers have no formal responsibility for the Item but they are kept in the loop and notified about any activity associated with it. It is helpful to follow an Item if you are interested in it and want to know how it’s progressing.

Facilitators and Followers are mandatory Advanced Team Roles, but the Sponsor and Leader Team Roles can be disabled. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead for details.

Advanced Team Role Permissions

Advanced Team Role Notifications

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