Standard Team

What is a Standard Team?

Item Templates that utilize the Standard Team structure are intended to be employee-driven (bottom-up). The Item is created, assigned a date, and assigned a person responsible for the completion of that Item. 

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Standard Team Roles

   Responsible The Responsible is the User who has been made responsible for working on the Item.
   Assigner The Assigner is the User who has assigned the Item to someone. They may be required to approve the Resolution before the Item can be completed.


The Author is the person (or people) who originally came up with the Item, created it in KaiNexus, and/or are responsible for keeping it up to date.
   Collaborator A Collaborator is someone who contributes to the success of an Item, even if they aren't primarily responsible for it.
   Follower Followers have no formal responsibility for the Item but they are kept in the loop and notified about any activity associated with it. It is helpful to follow an Item if you are interested in it and want to know how it’s progressing.

Standard Team Role Permissions

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Standard Team Role Notifications

Simple Team Role Notifications

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