Author-Only Team

What is an Author-Only Team?

Well, we admit it's a bit of a misnomer, as Author-Only Teams can also have Followers. However, Author-Only Teams are ideal for when you just need to credit the User who captured the Item (and you don't need to identify multiple specialized Team Roles). 

Recording meeting minutes is a great use case for a Template with an Author-Only Team. Here at KaiNexus, we have Weekly Report Out meetings every Friday. One person fills out the Weekly Report Out Template while taking notes during the meeting; they're the Author of the Item. Anyone else who wants to review the meeting notes becomes a Follower.

Author Only Team

Another use case for Author-Only Teams is Chart maintenance. For example, you may have a monthly metrics chart that needs to be updated, so the Author(s) is the User(s) responsible for keeping the Chart up-to date-when necessary. Followers of the Chart will get notified whenever a new update has been made!

Author-Only Team Roles

   Author The Author is the person (or people) who originally came up with the Item, created it in KaiNexus, and/or are responsible for keeping it up to date.
   Follower Followers have no formal responsibility for the Item but they are kept in the loop and notified about any activity associated with it. It is helpful to follow an Item if you are interested in it and want to know how it’s progressing.

Author-Only Team Role Permissions

In the Author-Only Team structure, Authors have full edit access to their Items, while Followers can simply leave a comment on an Item they're following.

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Author-Only Team Role Notifications

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