Assign an Improvement

Why am I being prompted to assign an Improvement?

KaiNexus asks you to assign Improvements if:

  • You have the appropriate permissions and are above the person who submitted an Improvement in your organization’s hierarchy, or

  • You’re the Leader or Facilitator of a Project to which someone has submitted an Improvement


How do I know if I need to assign an Improvement?

  • The Improvement will be listed in your Notifications Screen, with a message that you need to assign it, and

  • The Improvement will be in the "New" status and there will be an alert on the Improvement itself indicating that it is waiting for you to assign it


How do I assign an Improvement to someone?

Open the Improvement you want to assign, then:

  • Click the status indicator

  • In the resulting drop-down menu, click "Assign"


In the resulting window, you are required to:

  • Choose the Responsible Person - the person who will be responsible for enacting and submitting a resolution for this Improvement
    • The users to whom you can assign an Improvement typically depends on your own Roles and "View New & Assign" permission
    • If the Improvement was submitted as part of a Project, you may assign it to any of the Project’s Participant(s) regardless of your own Roles and "View New & Assign" permission
  • Choose the due date - the date by which the Improvement's Resolution should be completed

There are additional optional changes that can be made:

  • The start date will automatically be set to the current date, but if you want it to be recorded as some other date you can update the "Start Date" field. Note that if you choose a future start date, the Improvement will enter the "Planned" status rather than the "Active" status
  • Enter a comment in the "Leave a comment" field to give additional instructions or details to the Responsible Person
  • You will be automatically added as the default Assigner, but if you're assigning this Improvement on behalf of someone else, you can change the Assigner by updating the "Assigned By" field
  • Depending on the template's configuration, there may be a "Require Assigner to approve Resolution" checkbox. If this box is checked, any Resolution submitted by the Responsible Person will need to be approved by the Assigner before the Improvement will be resolved
  • You can add Collaborators and Followers to the Improvement's team by updating those fields

  • The "Responsible Location(s)" field will be automatically filled in with the Responsible Person's Locations; it can be updated to more accurately reflect the Locations in which this Improvement will take place
  • Any required or optional fields or Attributes configured to be displayed during this process can be updated as necessary
  • Click  to expand the Files and Links panels that can be used to add new files or links to the Improvement

When all necessary changes have been made, click