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KaiNexus 3.1.6 Release Notes

March 8th, 2024

Whether you are springing into warmer months or falling into cooler days, there is one season we all share: the season of improvement! KaiNexus is back with a new batch of enhancements that will elevate your experience. We have Chart improvements that will make data tracking a breeze, customization options for Item Lists in Detail and Kanban View, and many more exciting new features. Join us as we dive into all the latest enhancements and bug fixes. 

Release Highlights

  • When you edit the Detail or Kanban View of an Item List, you can now control which details to display on the List, helping showcase the most impactful Item information.  
  • We know you love using Chart Cards, so we made it easier to use them to edit data. Select the + icon on the Card header to open the data entry window instantly. You will be updating Charts with just one click.
  • If you don’t already adore Custom Impact Columns, you will now. These configurable columns will now display a “Total,” which summates the Impact data in the column for the full Item List. 
  • We made several quality-of-life improvements to Fishbone Diagrams. Read the full release notes to learn all the details. 



  • We made editing data from a Chart Card quicker and easier. Select the + icon on the header of a Chart Card to open the data entry window, allowing you to edit your Chart with just one click.
  • We increased the visibility of Charts with data points outside Control Limits or above Thresholds. On Item Lists, any Chart with all Thresholds met will have a green checkmark next to the Chart’s title. You will see a red exclamation point if the Chart has a data point outside its Control Limits. These visual indicators will help you notice key data points and take action without opening every Chart individually. 
  • Chart dates will no longer show times by default. You can still choose to display a time alongside each date, but omitting the time will help keep your Charts simple and easy to read. 
  • Enjoy a streamlined experience while annotating Charts. We improved the structure of the Chart Annotation window and added the ability to create new Items while annotating. In addition, you can work with your Customer Success Manager to limit which Items can be added as Chart Annotations based on their Template.
  • When you add an Item as a Chart Annotation, a link to the Chart will appear in the Item’s Links Panel, highlighting the association between them.  
  • You no longer need to edit a Data Series to change its Title. While entering Chart data, you can quickly in-line edit a Data Series’ Title. 
  • Copying a data value down to all remaining rows in your column will no longer apply to the empty row at the bottom that appears every time you edit a Chart. This will prevent you from accidentally receiving incomplete data errors. 
  • We updated Chart x-axis labels to improve their readability. After a Chart has more than 12 rows of data, the x-axis labels will automatically switch to a vertical orientation, making it easier to see which label is associated with which data point. You also have the option to manually change the rotation of the x-axis labels at any time. 


  • Have you ever wanted to view a Board in full screen? Now, you can. Use the “Actions” button at the top right of a Board and select “Expand.” The Board will expand to full screen and display a simpler UI, helping you present a Board without distractions. 
  • Board PDFs will now include the color changes you make to Card borders. 

Item Lists

  • Previously, the information displayed in the Detail and Kanban View of Item Lists was standardized. Now, when you edit the Detail or Kanban View of an Item List, you can customize which information to show, helping showcase the most impactful information.
  • Do you love Custom Impact Columns? If so, you’ll love them even more now! Custom Impact Columns will now have a “Total” at the bottom, helping you sum Impact data for all Items in your List. 


  • The Stage Gate filter will only be available when your organization has at least one configured Stage Gate
  • When you pick a specific date for a Milestone Deadline, the time will default to 11:59 PM. Previously, the time defaulted to 12:00 AM, causing Milestones to be overdue at the start of their Deadline date.  


  • We made several quality-of-life improvements to Fishbone Diagrams, including better visualization of truncated text, easy access to a refresh button, better size-scaling as you add more cause rows to your diagram, and the ability to add a Fishbone Diagram directly on the Panel instead of at the top of the Item. 


  • We fixed a bug causing the Month (Fiscal) and Quarter (Fiscal) date filters to not function correctly on User Engagement Summary Reports. 
  • We fixed a bug that was causing legal notices to not appear in some emails from KaiNexus.
  • The correct error message will now be displayed when you share data series between Charts with different Row Types.
  • You’ll no longer experience issues editing Links when a Chart has an Annotation.  
  • We fixed a bug causing some conditional notes not to populate when you respond to Attributes.
  • Newly created Cards will no longer move to the top of their section when you edit them.
  • We fixed a bug causing truncated x-axis labels not to display the correct number of characters.

Ofie Profile PicNote for KaiNexus Champions: Data in the Alt-2 sandbox will not be refreshed this release. The Alt and Alt-3 sandboxes will be refreshed.