Chart Export API

XLSX Multi Chart Export API

Export Chart information in XLSX format

Making Requests

To export a List of Charts in XLSX format, execute a GET request to this URL: xxxxxx
  • Replace "XXXXX" with the Item List ID


The username will be "api" and the password will be the API Key.

See this article for information on obtaining the API Key and finding Item List IDs.  

Things to note:

  • There is a 1,000 (one thousand) Chart limit per API call. 
  • In XLSX, there are separate worksheets for the Chart data and Chart Annotations
  • Only Charts the User has permission to view will be included in the export
  • A list containing other Workflows (such as Projects, Improvements, Tasks, etc.) will only export Charts when using the URL above.

Ofie Profile PicSee the XLSX Multi Chart Update API support page for more info on configuring the API to update your Chart data.