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Copy an API key

Quickly copy an API Key with a single click.

Two Line OfieREQUIRED: The API Module must be enabled for your organization to perform the functions on this support page. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to enable it.

An API Key is a token akin to a password that lets the API confirm your identity. You should keep it as secure as you would a password as publicly exposing your API Key can result in your data being compromised.

Who can copy an API Key?

Only people with the "API Administrator" permission can access the API Keys administration page and copy an API Key.

Copy an API Key

To copy an API Key, navigate to the API Keys administration page, then:

  • Locate the row for the API Key you want to copy, then click the string of characters under the "API Key" column and the "API Key" window will appear, listing the full Key.
The API Keys admin page with an arrow pointing to the API Key columns symbols 
    • Click Copy to copy the API Key to your clipboard.
    • Click the x button in the top right corner to close the API Key window.