Restrict access to public Boards

While private Boards are visible only to their creator, public Boards are visible to the entire organization by default. However, you can restrict public Boards to only be visible to certain Users. 

You might want to restrict access to a public Board if, for instance, you want everyone on your team to be able to see it, but not anyone from a different department.

Who can restrict access to a Board?

  • Any of the Board's Editors who have the "Restricted Board Administrator"
  • Anyone with the "Global Board Administrator" permission

How do I restrict the viewers of a public Board?

Start by creating a new Board or editing an existing Board, then:

  • In the "Create Board" or "Edit Board" window (whichever is applicable), make sure that "Make Public?" is checked. If it's not, check it now.
  • Public Boards are visible to the entire organization unless you restrict their visibility. To limit the visibility of this Board to specific people, everyone with a certain Role, or everyone in a Network Location, enter those qualifiers in the "Restrict Viewing to" field. To remove an individual, Role, or Location’s access to the Board, delete their name from this field.

NOTE: Global Board Administrators can access any public Board so long as they have a direct link to it, regardless of whether they're included in this field.

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