Release Notes

May 4, 2018 Release Notes

New Features

  • With the new Time Tracking feature, you can record the time you’ve spent working on an item in KaiNexus. You can even put in an estimated time to complete.




  • With the Advanced ROI module, you can now add Impact Splitting to any of your Impact Types, letting you be more specific as to which Locations were impacted in what way by the Improvement.

  • As part of the Advanced ROI module, you can now track investment of time, money, or resources used to implement an improvement.

  • We’ve greatly improved the “Edit Card Views” window, making it easier for you to search for and add columns.


Complete Release Notes


  • You now have the option of clearing all notifications on your “Notifications & Updates” screen , not just your Opt-In and comments/timeline updates. To do so:

    • Click in the bottom right corner of the screen.

    • In the resulting window, check “Also, clear all flags.”

    • Click .

  • Click on your “Notifications & Updates” screen to flip the order so that the oldest entries are listed first. Click this button again to switch the order back.

  • When working with the “Edit Card View” window, hover over the name of any field to see with which template it is affiliated.

  • The total/average summary rows are now frozen on the bottom of the screen so that you can see them without having to scroll.

  • You can now customize the X-Axis’s degree of rotation by editing a Line/Bar Chart’s advanced options.


  • Frontline users are now counted in the User Activity and Location Activity Reports.

  • When deferring an item, the quick date options will now be available.

  • We’ve added a “Physical Location” column to the “People” page.

  • A “Hire Date” field has been added to the user profile.

  • Internal links that have been added to an item are now included in the PDF export of that item.

  • Anyone who can edit an item can now edit the links associated with it,

    NOTE: An internal link cannot be edited to make it an external link, and vice versa.

  • Charts’ legends are now left justified.

  • The appearance of the “Success” window has been improved.

  • The appearance of the “Dates” section of any item has been improved.

  • The appearance of the “Links” and “Files” sections has been improved.

  • The alignment of the “Details” and “Team” sections has been improved.

  • The description on the “Notification Preferences” window has been improved for clarity.

  • The performance of item lists has been improved.



  • A bug was fixed which prevented Board Owners from adding Chart Cards.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented administrators from editing and deleting a Role’s default notification preferences.

  • The confirmation window now closes correctly after editing an attachment’s file extension.

  • Free Style Cards no longer allow whitespace as their titles.

  • New default Attributes will no longer be added to existing Cards automatically.

  • The legends of various Reports have been aligned correctly.

  • The total/average summary rows are now hidden if there is no data.

  • A bug was fixed that caused a Chart’s export to fail if one of its data series contained an ampersand character.

  • The color options furthest to the right of the Attribute edit modal are no longer cut off.

  • Level Type rank is now taken into consideration and determines the order of Locations listed in any Location drop-down menu.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the displayed series on a Chart Card to save inconsistently.

  • The notification preferences window will now resize correctly.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the Impact Summary Report Card to randomly display incorrectly when filtering by Location.

  • Cards that have an attachment can now be copied.

  • A bug was fixed which caused start and due dates to be excluded from the Nested Items section when exporting a Project as a pdf.

  • All Reports now include only Active and Frontline users - not Offline users.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented Attribute notes from saving during the Resolution process.

  • A bug was fixed which occasionally caused the “Exact” quick search setting to exclude some relevant results.