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The Notifications & Updates screen

KaiNexus automatically alerts you about items that need your attention for a variety of reasons, letting you know right away what needs to be addressed when you log into KaiNexus. 

Flagged items and pertinent information will appear in the "Notifications & Updates" screen.


How do I access the "Notifications & Updates" screen?

To view your alerts and notifications, click 2018-04-27_1623.png at the top of the screen next to the quick search field. The number of notifications you have is displayed on this button; if there’s no number shown, you have no notifications.



There are three checkboxes near the top of the "Notifications & Updates" screen:

  • Yours: These are notifications that you received due to your association with the item. Additionally, any new items about which you've requested to be notified will be listed as "Yours," regardless of whether or not you're on the team.

  • Opt-In: These are notifications you received due to a notification preference that was either configured by you or as part of one of your Roles.

  •  Updates: These are comments and timeline updates since the last time you viewed an item.


How do I change the order of the listed notifications?

Click 2018-04-30_1105.png near the bottom left corner of the “Notifications & Updates” screen to flip the order so that the oldest entries are listed first. Click this button again to switch the order back.



How do I remove items from my Notifications & Updates Screen?

To remove a single item, hover over it and click 2018-10-04_1323.png.

To remove all opt-in notifications and comment/timeline updates:

  • Click in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • If you want to remove all of your notifications and updates, not just opt-in and blue dot updates, check the box next to “Also, clear all 2018-04-30_1110.png flags.”

  • In the resulting window, click 2018-03-29_1549.png.


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