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Impact splitting

STOP: Is the Advanced ROI module active for your organization?


You can now add Impact Splitting to any of your Impact Types - such as Cost Savings or Safety - so that you can be more specific as to which Locations were impacted in what way by a certain Improvement.


To add Impact Splitting to any of your Impact Types, reach out to your Customer Experience Lead.


How can Impact Splitting be customized?

Each Impact Type can be customized independently of the others, and those changes will be reflected on each template using that Type.

An Impact Type can be customized to:

  • Hide Impact Splitting completely.

  • Make Impact Splitting required whenever that Impact Type is recorded.

  • Make Impact Splitting optional whenever that Impact Type is recorded.


How do I allocate the impact when resolving an Improvement?

When resolving an Improvement:

  • Check the box next to the Impact Type you want to add and click 2018-05-02_1511.png.

  • In the resulting window, record the impact as you normally would.

    If this Impact Type has Impact Splitting enabled, an “Impact Location” field will be present. Enter the Location to which you want to allocate this impact.

    NOTE: It will be automatically filled in with the Location(s) of the person resolving the Improvement.


Can I filter by Location impacted?

Yes! Now, when filtering a list by Location, you’ll be able to choose between “Responsible,” “Originating,” and “Impact.” All items with at least one Impact Type allocated to that Location will be returned.



Will my Reports look different?

The Location Impact Board will now have three options - “Originating,” “Responsible,” and “Impact.”

Selecting “Impact” will return only data associated with Improvements that had some impact allocated to them.



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