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Nesting a Workflow

When working with your items in KaiNexus, you will often discover that the work for certain Project or Improvement efforts is best executed by triaging it across multiple workflows. For example, working on a Project may require you to delegate out smaller units of work that can be made into Tasks nested underneath that Project. Certain workflows have the ability to nest other specific types of workflows within them. While Projects are able to nest any type of workflow, Improvements can only nest Tasks and Charts underneath them. Although Tasks can be nested within a workflow, you cannot nest anything within a Task.

An item can only have one Parent that it is directly nested underneath. There is no limit for the number of items that can be nested underneath a Project or an Improvement. For example, a Task nested under one Project cannot also be nested under another Project in the system.

If you find a currently nested item belongs under a different item, as long as that workflow supports the nesting of that item, (and you have the proper permissions in the system) then you have the ability to change the item’s Parent.  

For an overview on how to nest within a specific workflow type, select the corresponding link below:


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