Chart - Tips and Tricks

Date range visualization

When working with a Line, Bar, Threshold, or Bowling Chart, you can use the Chart’s advanced options to set the date range that should be displayed on the Chart by default.

NOTE: If your Chart is using categories rather than dates, this option will not apply.

Configuring a Chart's visible date range will not affect any Chart Cards displaying this Chart, but you can also set the visible date range for any of your Chart Cards.


What happens when I configure the visible date range on a Chart?

The Chart will, by default, only show data that falls within that date range.

The data itself will not be affected by this configuration.

If a Chart’s date range has been restricted, a “Toggle Date Range” option will appear along with the legend. Clicking this option will cause data for all dates to be shown. Clicking it again will return the Chart to the restricted date range.


Finally, Chart thumbnails - the image of the Chart shown on lists in the Detail View - will reflect the visible date range.


Who can edit a Chart?

  • Any of the Authors

  • Anyone with the "Chart Administrator" permission


How do I set the visible date range for a Chart?

Navigate to the Chart with which you want to work, then:

  • Click in the top right corner of the page.

  • Click in the resulting drop-down menu.


In the resulting window:

  • Make sure you have the “Data” tab open.

  • Click to open the Chart’s advanced options.

  • In the “Visible Date Range” section of the resulting window, you can enter the starting date in the “Starting” field and/or enter the ending date in the “Ending” field.

    • For the starting date, you can choose between several rolling dates (e.g. “Last 24 hours, last 12 months, etc.), “Now,” or pick a custom date.

    • Likewise, for the ending date, you can choose between several rolling dates (e.g. “Next 7 days, next 6 months, etc.), “Now,” or pick a custom date.

  • Click to finalize the date range.

Click to update the Chart.