3.x Release Notes

3.0.9 Release Notes

January 13, 2023

New year, new release! KaiNexus is celebrating 2023 with another batch of improvements focused on new functionality. Our developers must have ambitious New Year’s resolutions because this release is massive. Here are some highlights of how we are kicking off the year with a bang. 

Release Highlights

  • We are introducing Comment Cards! Try adding a Comment Card to your Boards to facilitate communication. Anyone with access to view the Board can leave a comment. This new feature is excellent for huddle Boards, sharing recognition, and team conversations. 
  • You can now collapse Cards on Boards. Board editors can choose the default state of a Card, but anyone viewing a Board can expand or collapse the Card. This feature helps you focus your attention with ease. 
  • We have two new types of Panels that you can include in Items: Updates and Notes. Updates and Notes mirror the functionality of Comments, allowing you to organize your communication channels better. 
  • KaiNexus now supports two new types of Reports: Activity by Persona and Engagement by Persona. Use these reports to measure which of your organization's Personas are most involved in your improvement efforts. 



  • We’ve added a new Card type! You can now add Comment Cards to any of your Boards.
  • All Board viewers can now collapse Cards to save space and focus attention. Board Editors can decide whether the default state of a Card is expanded or collapsed. 
  • We’ve decreased the minimum height of a Card. Cards can now be as small as the height of the Header!
  • We added the ability to include due date changes in Activity Feed Cards. 
  • You can now add a description to an Activity Feed Card. The description will appear as a Tooltip when you hover over the Header of the Card. (Keep in mind that this won’t work if the Card is stacked.)
  • You now have the option to add a Legend to a Report Card. Click “Edit” on the Card, and check the “Show Legend” box.


  • Two new types of Panels that can be added to Templates: Updates and Notes. Updates and Notes have the same functionality as Comments; together, we call them Communication Panels. You must have at least one Communication Panel on a Template, but no more than one of each kind. 
  • We can now pre-populate Text Fields on a Template. Ask your CSM to help with the setup process.
  • You can now expand the Details and Comments Panels on an Item. 
  • Panels can now be collapsed within an Item. 
  • We improved load times on Items made from complex Templates. 
  • You can now limit which Locations are accepted on Originating, Responsible, and Impact Locations based on Level Type. Ask your CSM for help getting this set up!
  • Inline editing for the Title on Item Lists and List Cards has been removed. This will prevent accidental clicks and make it easier to open Items. If you would like to edit the Title, click on edit details on the ellipsis on the far left of the column or click into the Item. 


  • You can now search through Comments Panels on Items. Click on the magnifying glass to search for a specific term in a long comment thread.
  • Now that Items can contain any combination of Comments, Updates, and Notes, email replies to an Item-based email will default to logging a Comment. If there is no Comment Panel, then an Update will be logged. A Note will be logged if there is no Comment or Update Panel. 


  • When you Quick Filter for a User on a Board, Activity Cards now show all actions the User has performed, regardless of whether they are on the Item’s Team.
  • We improved the Tooltip on Item List Filter in Tree View for increased clarity.
  • Filtering by an Impact Attribute can now include Target and Forecast Impacts as well as Actual Impacts.
  • There is a new checkbox to show User Counts on the Location Picker of a Board.
  • We’ve added logic to the Item Filter that hides the Impact Value dropdown if it is not applicable for the selected Impact.


  • If an Item has a Milestone in “Ready for Approval” status, a Flag will be presented at the top of the work panel. Milestones can then be Accepted or Declined directly from the Flag, providing a more streamlined experience.
  • We made the process of submitting a Milestone for approval more intuitive. The button now says “Submit for [Milestone Name]” rather than “Ready for Approval.”
  • If a Milestone is declined, you can quickly resubmit it for approval by clicking “Resubmit for [Milestone Name].” 
  • You can now enable a “Save & Complete” button when Approving a Milestone. This makes completing an Item easier when you’ve approved the final Milestone. Reach out to your CSM to enable this functionality for specific Milestones.


  • We now have the ability to display Impact Value information as columns on Reports. Use this feature to generate detailed Reports on the results of your improvement efforts.
  • We added two new Report types for Personas. You can now create Engagement by Persona Reports and Activity by Persona Reports. 
  • We added Originating, Responsible, and Impact Locations as Quick Filters to all Reports. 
  • We removed the “All,” “Standalone,” and “Nested Only” Quick Filters while editing a Report due to lack of use. 
  • All Reports now have unified margins for cleaner viewing.
  • “Cost Savings” and “Resource” Impact Types will no longer pull into Revenue Generation on Reports. 


  • We improved how Reports look when exported to a PDF. 
  • The name and Location of a Board now appear on the PDF of a Report.


  • The Resolution Panel of an Item will always have a “Complete” button regardless of whether it requires approval. If additional approval is required, the “Complete” button will guide you through the following steps to make the process more intuitive. 
  • When configuring Templates with Resolutions, you now have the option to show or hide the “Submit for Approval” button. 
  • We added the ability to define Milestone Thresholds by Location, allowing one Location to have different Thresholds than another. 
  • You are now able to limit the Impact Location in the Resolution Panel to certain Location Level Types within the Responsible Location. 


  • Custom Impact Columns now support all quantitative Impact Types.

Activity Feed

  • The “View Activity” button in a User’s profile now takes you directly to their personal Activity Feed. This is a great way to see what people are up to in the system.


  • We’ve added logic to the Impact Widget that hides the Impact Value dropdown if it is not applicable for the selected Impact.


  • You can now Like, Acknowledge, and Comment on Items directly from the Notifications window.
  • Quality Admins can now disable notifications while performing Bulk Changes and Bulk Imports.


  • Column Headers, Fishbones, and Ad Hoc Fields now support multi-language.


  • A Template Quick Filter was added to Quick Search to make it easier to limit the search result by a specific Template instead of using the Item Filter. 


  • We made it easier for non-SSO users to get logged back in if they’re timed out.


  • We made numerous user interface enhancements throughout the platform to improve consistency and ease of use.


  • You can now write longer Titles for Milestones without any spacing issues. 
  • Nested Items now have the correct Impact Filters applied to them in all Views. 
  • There was a bug causing some Chart Cards to change from their Default View, so we squashed it. 
  • We solved an inconsistency with inline editing the Due Date of Items. 
  • We fixed a bug that made it impossible to save Charts with Visible Series containing commas. 
  • There was an error that occurred while exporting XLSX files with specific fields. We fixed it.
  • PDF exports of Gantt Charts no longer cut off any important information. 
  • The Title of “User Count by Location” Reports now appears on the PDF export. 
  • The PDF export of Gantt Charts now includes the Options column. 
  • We fixed a bug preventing special characters from appearing correctly in PDFs and emails when the text had been translated. 
  • When a Default Location is set for a board, that Location now appears on the Board. 
  • Some Card Headers were not persisting to the expanded View of the Card, so we ensured they now carry over.  
  • We fixed an issue with how some Impact data pulls onto Bowling Reports. 
  • You can now switch between Views of an unsaved List without losing new Columns.
  • There were some cases where Impact Attributes did not Filter properly when certain logic was applied, so we fixed the Filter. 
  • We fixed an issue with how the “Goal” Panel appeared on Items. 
  • We unified the font size between Nested List Titles and other Panel Titles. 
  • We improved the user interface for changing Weighted Scores.
  • There is no longer an auto-sizing issue on Chart Cards. 
  • The User ID is now viewable even when the “Employee ID” field is hidden. 
  • The Start Over button on the re-authentication modal now functions correctly.  
  • We made it easier to inline edit Fields when you have a slow internet connection.
  • We ensured that when you apply a User Quick Filter on an Activity Feed Card, the Filter is carried over to the expanded View of the Card. 
  • We fixed a bug that was causing the “Submit Resolution” button to appear in some cases where it shouldn’t. 
  • We improved the functionality around hiding Panel Titles in Items.