2.x Release Notes

2.4.10 Release Notes

December 11, 2020



Release Highlights


The winter sun may be setting earlier here in the northern hemisphere, but KaiNexus continues to shine brighter! The 2.4.10 release brings 12 powerful new improvements to the system (like Custom Template Colors!) that are guaranteed to light up your day:


  • Create different escalation paths for your Templates to route them to a specific User, Role, or Location. You can also De-Escalate if need be! This is tailor-made for your tiered huddle process. 


  • Have you always wanted to change your templates to a soothing lavender or a zesty lime green? Well, 2.4.10 is the release for you! Make it easier to differentiate between Templates by giving them new custom background colors as part of our Branding Module.


  • Quickly edit individual fields in Tree, List, and Gantt view without opening the item using Single Field Editing. Wow, now that is a time saver!



  • New Resolution columns allow Users to see more impact details of Items.




💡 Improvements 💡



  • Users can now create new Titles, Positions, Employment Statuses, and Certifications with the People API.



  • When editing a panel on an Item using Custom Layout, the panel name will appear in the edit window.


  • Users can now submit multiple Idea Templates of any Workflow via email by putting the name of the Template in the subject line followed by a colon. Anything after the colon would serve as the title for that Item in KaiNexus. Keep in mind, this feature must be enabled on the Template first.



  • The Escalate feature allows Users to define tiered paths and bring an Item to the attention of a specific User, Role, or Location. 


  • Users can now right-click on an Item to enable Single Field Editing in List, Tree, and Gantt views for quick editing of Item details displayed in columns such as Fields and Attributes. 

  • New Resolution columns in List, Tree, and Gantt views allow Users to view if an Item resulted in a change or not, and also view the specific Impact Types (or No Change Reasons) chosen on the Item.



  • Wallboard Users can more easily log out of KaiNexus, which benefits Users who want to use Wallboards to cycle through a series of Boards and then need to log into their personal account to lead a huddle and populate information within KaiNexus.

🐛 Fixed Bugs 🐛


  • We took our Boards to visit a chiropractor, and now they’re better aligned than ever! All sections within a Board will be neatly aligned regardless of column section sizes.


  • We’ve boosted the performance speed of our PDFs, so loading and exporting them should be faster than ever.


  • PDFs will respect the orientation of fields within the same panel and respect panel height.


  • Projects with Custom Template Layouts will better save to PDF. 


  • We fixed a bug that allowed a New Item to become Active without first assigning a Responsible Person. 


  • We fixed a bug where customized Widget Card Header colors were defaulting to the pre-set organization colors after being customized. Widget Card Headers will now respect the custom colors. 


  • We fixed a bug that interfered with saving Charts after deleting a Chart version with annotations.


  • Bowling Charts, PDFs, and AdHoc Date Fields will respect the User’s timezone. This sorted out previous situations where dates appeared one day off.