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Single Field Editing of Items within a List

Ever been working with a list of Items and need to make lots of different types of changes, but don’t want to have to click into each of the Items in order to update them properly? We’ve brought the single field editing capabilities to make changes to Items without even opening them up.


Anywhere in KaiNexus where you see an Item List in the List View, Tree View, or Gantt View you can edit specific components of an Item directly from the value displayed within the column. 


This is particularly useful when you need to make a bunch of different types of changes to several Items within a List. If you need to make a bunch of the same type of change, please check out the Bulk Change Items page for more information.


Where can I enable single field editing in KaiNexus?

Single field editing is available in List, Tree, or Gantt View on an Item List. Item Lists can be found in several places within KaiNexus:

  • From within the Lists section Lists_section.png.

  • From within an Item List Card on a Board.

  • From within an Item’s nested Item List panel.

What can I update using single field editing?

The following fields within an Item can be updated using single field editing:

NOTE: You will only be able to single field edit these fields if you have the ability to edit that Item.

  • Title

  • Status

  • Parent

  • Originating Location(s)

  • Responsible Location(s)

  • Author(s) (Improvements, Incidents, Tasks, and Charts only)

  • Responsible (Improvements, Incidents, and Tasks only)

  • Assigner (Improvements, Incidents, and Tasks only)

  • Sponsor(s) (Projects only)

  • Facilitator(s) (Projects only)

  • Leader(s) (Projects only)

  • Collaborator(s) (Improvements, Incidents, and Tasks only)

  • Participant(s) (Projects only)

  • Participating Location(s) (Projects only)

  • Any Fields

  • Any Attributes

  • Start Date

  • Due Date

  • Completed Date

  • Review By Date

  • Weighted Scores

NOTE: These fields will need to be added as a column on your Item List. If you want to learn more about editing the columns on an Item List, check out this support page.

How do I enable single field editing on a List in KaiNexus?

To enable single field editing on a List:

NOTE: Make sure your Item List is in either the List View, the Tree View, or the Gantt View. Detail View or Kanban View do not support single field editing.

  • Navigate to the Item List with the Items you wish to make changes to.

  • Hover over the Item in the List you wish to make an edit to so that it is highlighted blue.


  • Right click on the Item and in the resulting drop-down menu, select Enable_Edit.png.

NOTE: You can enable single field editing on as many of the Items as you want within the 50 Items that are currently shown on the List.

  • Once you enable single field editing for that Item, a Single_field_edit.png will appear to the right of each one of the aforementioned fields that you have the ability to edit. 


  • Click the Single_field_edit.png next to the field you wish to edit.

  • In the resulting window, make your desired change to that field.

  • When you are finished, click Save.png.


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