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Branding Module

We understand that when it comes to adopting a new tool it can be highly valuable to personalize the look and feel for your Users. KaiNexus is full of areas throughout the platform where you can completely customize the visualization of your system, but with the Branding Module you have the ability to add even more customization options for your KaiNexus instance. This can help increase the familiarity of the platform and create a more welcoming experience for your Users. 


What can I customize with the Branding Module?

Add your Organization’s Logo within your Instance

With the Branding Module enabled, you will be able to change the KaiNexus logo in the top left corner of the Simple Header Toolbar. This will replace the “KN” logo as well as the text of your Organization name with the same logo that you have set as your Organization Logo within the General section of the Admin area. 

NOTE: This change will only be visible to all of your Users that are able to sign into the system. (Superusers, General Users, Capture Users, and Wallboard Users)



Customizing Template Background Colors

Enabling the Branding Module also allows you to customize the Template background colors to make it easier to differentiate between Templates

Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to help take advantage of this feature.


PRO-TIP: Take it a step further and apply a gradient.


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