Chart - Tips and Tricks

Shared data series

With shared data series, you can auto-populate Charts with data from other Charts in KaiNexus.

This helps streamline data collection and processing by allowing you to reference the same data series in multiple Charts, increasing visibility and simplifying collaboration while maintaining data integrity.

You can use shared data series to easily compare metrics from different Locations and roll that data up to the executive level.


  • Data shared from one Chart to another can only be edited from the original Chart. You will be unable to edit that data from the secondary Chart to which it was added.

  • Annotations added to a series on one Chart will not be visible on any of the other Charts to which it was shared.


What kinds of Charts and series can have a shared data series?

  • Any series on a bar or line Chart can be shared as long as it is date-based, not category-based.

  • The “Actual” series of a Threshold Chart can be shared as long as it is date-based.

NOTE: You can only share a particular series if it belongs to a Chart you have permission to view.


Who can add a shared data series to a Chart?

  • Any of the 
  • Anyone with the "Chart Administrator" permission


Who can see a shared data series on a Chart?

If the Chart contains a shared series a user doesn’t have permission to view:

  • That user will not be able to see the shared series

  • The thumbnail of that Chart will be a placeholder Chart image

  • If they edit the Chart, they will only see the shared Chart’s and series’ IDs, not their names or data


How do I add a shared data series to a Chart?

Open the Chart with which you want to work, then:

  • Click  in the top right corner of the page.

  • Click  in the resulting drop-down menu.

In the resulting window:

  • Click .


In the resulting window:

  • Enter a title.

  • (**Optional**) Enter a description.

  • Choose whether the series should be shown as a bar or a line.

  • Customize the appearance of the series:

    • Pick the color that should be used for this series.

    • For a line series, check "Dashed Line" if you want the series to be represented by a dashed line rather than a solid one."

    • For a line series, check "Show Markers" if you want to display the data point markers on the line.

  • Under “Y-Axis,” choose whether the series should be aligned with the left or right y-axis.

  • Under “Annotation Appearance,” choose the color that should be used for Annotation markers.

  • Under “Shared Series:”

    • Select the Chart from which you want to pull data in the “Chart” field.

    • Select which series you want to pull from that Chart in the “Series” field.

  • Click .


The shared data will not be visible until you save the Chart, so click  to finalize the changes made to the Chart.


What happens when I copy a Chart with a shared series?

The copy will include the shared series as well!

You may need to save the new copy of the Chart before the shared series will appear.


What happens when I delete a Chart containing a series that has been shared?

The data will be removed from all Charts to which it was shared.