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Convert an Item

Convert an Item from one Template type to another.

The convert feature is available under the ellipses of each workflow template, excluding Charts. You can use this feature to convert an item from one Template type to another. This is used when you’re working with an item and discover that you need it to be a different template type altogether.


For example, if an improvement is submitted and it is determined that the improvement will require additional resources, then you may wish to convert into a project type. Upon converting, the item will be changed to “New” status, any dates that no longer apply will be removed, and any resolution details will be lost. If the new workflow does not support the nested items, they will be un-nested.


If you are converting to a new workflow that has a Standard Work  group set to auto-populate on Items of the selected Template Type, then the Standard Work will be added to the newly converted Item.


PRO TIP: You also have the ability to limit which type of Templates you can Convert your Templates into. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead for more information.


For an overview on how to convert a specific workflow type, select the corresponding link below: