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Delete a Goal

Learn how to delete a Goal for your organization

If a Goal is no longer applicable for your organization, and you do not want it to clutter the Goals Administration page, you can delete the Goal. Deleting a Goal will remove it from any existing Reports or Widgets where the Goal was visible. The Goal cannot be recovered once deleted. 

Who can delete a Goal? 

Anyone with the Quality Administrator System Role Permission can delete Goals. 

People with other Administrator Permissions may be able to access the Goals Administration page, but cannot make changes to it. 

View current Goals

To view the Goals for your organization, navigate to Admin > Organization > Goals

Goals Admin Page

  • Each Goal in your organization will be listed. By default, columns displaying each Goal's Type, Start Date, and End Date will be visible. 
  • Use the Goal Type Quick Filter to filter the list for Goals of a certain Type: Impact, Items Submitted, or Items Completed. 
  • Edit columns on the list by hovering over one of the existing column headers, and selecting the dropdown arrow.
    Goals Admin Page - Columns
    • Select Sort Ascending to arrange the list of Goals by increasing values in your column of choice. 
    • Select Sort Descending to arrange the list of Goals by decreasing values in your column of choice. 
    • Select Columns to change which columns appear in the list. These changes will be temporary. 

Delete a Goal

To delete a Goal, navigate to Admin > Organization > Goals

Delete Goal

  • Hover over the Goal you would like to edit. It will highlight blue. 
  • Select the x to the right of the Goal. 
  • The warning below will appear:
    Delete Goal Warning
  • Select Delete to confirm your choice. 

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: If a Goal is currently being displayed on any Widgets or Reports, we recommend editing them prior to deleting the Goal. This will help prevent missing data on Boards. 

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