3.x Release Notes

3.0.8 Release Notes

December 2, 2022

Do you snow what time it is? It's time for our newest release - KaiNexus 3.0.8! Our 40 new improvements & features are un-brr-lieveable - aimed at increasing ease of use, additional customization options, and improving overall functionality.


  • Activity Feed Cards were already one of our most beloved features, and they just got better! You can now Like, Comment, or Acknowledge an Item or Comment directly from an Activity Feed Card.

  • People using the Advanced ROI Module can now add custom Impact columns and display their Impact Types. These dynamic columns let you choose whether to show the units or monetary value for your Impacts.



  • We made KaiNexus a bit prettier and easier to use with some UI enhancements.


  • Replies on Comments will no longer infinitely indent; there’s one level of indent signifying that the Comment is a reply, and all subsequent replies will be indented at that same level.


  • Notification Flags appearing at the top of the Work Panel of Items can now be translated


  • We’ve improved the appearance of Status indicators on PDF exports.
  • Team Members listed on PDF exports are now separated by commas and don’t include profile pictures for a cleaner UI.
  • When exporting an Item List in Detail View, the label is now above the input, rather than in line with it.
  • Items Lists that are in Comfortable View will now be displayed in Comfortable View on PDF exports.
  • When PDFing an Item List in Tree View, the PDF will include any Items that are currently displayed. This includes the contracting/expanding of Items after the List is initially loaded.


  • Organizations with the Branding Module can now customize the logo appearing on system-generated emails and PDF exports.
  • If you have the Branding Module, system emails will now use your custom Status and button colors. 


  • Email Digests will now use your custom Team Role terminology when referring to Team Members.


  • Any User Attributes that aren’t being used won’t be included in available Bulk Change options.


  • Inactive Templates are no longer included in the Workflows Quick Filter Tooltip.
  • You can now select “Any” from the Badges drop-down menu on the User Filter.
  • You can now hide the User Count on the Header of a User List card with a User Count radio button under View Options on a People List Card.


  • People with Admin access now have access to a read-only Workflow screen in the Admin Section. This screen details the name and description of the Workflow, as well as its included Templates, the number of Participants and Managers, and the Participating and Managing Roles.


  • We added the Impact Value dropdown field to the Total Financial Impact Widget.
  • Items in Draft status can now have Target/Forecast Impact on them, and those impacts can be edited while in Draft status.


  • You can now Like, Comment, or Acknowledge an Item or Comment directly from an Activity Feed Card.


  • When inline editing the Responsible Person on an Item,  you can now also change the Responsible Location and choose to Request or Assign.
  • With the exception of Item Lists, all Standard Layout panels will grow/shrink automatically to fit the content and cannot be manually resized. 


  • Previously, everyone had access to a Board if there were no specific Viewers or Editors. Now, no one does. This simplifies the UI and reduces the risk of unintentionally granting everyone access to a Board. 


  • We made some performance enhancements that make Items using Weighted Scores load significantly faster.


  • A User Filter can now be configured by your CSM to limit which Users can be assigned Team Roles on a Template.


  • You can now include “Submit Target” and “Submit Forecast” Impact buttons directly on the Create screen of an Item. This allows you to log the Target and Forecast Impacts during the creation of an Item.
  • Dynamic columns can be added to Lists in which you can select quantitative Impact Type(s) to show and filter it by Impact Value. You can choose whether to show column data in units or currency, give the column a custom name, and include an optional description that will appear as a tooltip.


  • There is now a “Create New Users” checkbox on System Roles when Global/Local User Admin is checked. This checkbox must be enabled for people to create NEW Users. If unchecked, they can only manage existing Users. This checkbox is checked by default if User Admin is checked.


  • When hovering over a person in the User drop-down Field, there is now a Tooltip showing the User’s Network Location.


  • If you have both the Wallboard and Kiosk Modules, you can now enable a Create button on your Wallboard Users so they can submit Items from Wallboard.


  • Clicking a Board with nested Boards on the Navigation Bar now collapses the Board selection drop-down.
  • You can no longer Create or Save a People List Card without naming it.
  • Widgets are no longer improperly cleared when editing them.
  • Users can now vote on Samsung tablets.
  • PDF Print Preview no longer overflows off of the page.
  • The Boards "Description" field now respects the maximum length warning.
  • Clicking on "Chart" thumbnails in Text Area Fields now takes you to the right place.
  • Converting Templates into Standard Team types now checks Originating Location
  • The User Filter is no longer populated if the User Attribute is removed.
  • Double-clicking on the Up or Down arrows on a Stacked Card will no longer create a copy of it.
  • We fixed a bug related to hidden additional fields appearing when selecting "Include All Columns" on XLSX exports.
  • We fixed a problem related to clicking Complete without entering all required fields.
  • You can now scroll and expand the Voting results panel.
  • We fixed a problem relating to the bulk completion of Items.
  • "Show Parents" on a list in Gantt View no longer breaks the Board.
  • Users can no longer copy a Board if it contains a Chart they don't have permission to copy.
  • When creating a new Kiosk or Wallboard User, values entered into Help Text and IP Whitelist are no longer ignored.
  • A USER_UPDATE_ROLES audit log is no longer generated if you don't change their Roles.
  • Widgets no longer occasionally break after you clear out a selected option.
  • Print wasn’t working on some Items. We fixed it.
  • When copying a Standard Work Group, the copy window now masks while waiting.
  • Board names and breadcrumbs now update properly in Slideshow.
  • Filtered information will not be included in the PDF of a Board if any of its components have special characters that break the JSON string (ie. ">).
  • We fixed a bug related to adding nested Tasks to an Item.